Punished For ************, Sis Enjoys My Shows.

My sister seen me ************ one time, peaking into my bedroom. This all happened when I was ten years old and my sister was a year and a half older than me. She ran and told my mom who was mad at me for doing this and that my sister had seen me doing it. I was told to come down stairs where I was confronted on this. I told mom I did not know she was watching and was sorry for doing it. She told me that was to late and to ***** off all my cloths which I did. Standing naked in front of her she asked me if I liked to play with my self? I usually did this daily but didn't know if my sister had been watching other times or not so I came clean by saying yes. She asked what did I do to myself? I told her I jacked off. She said show me but I could not get it hard, it just stayed limp as I slowly touched my ****. Well I think you like to touch your self! Then she called my sister into the room who I think had been watching all along. She asked her what she saw me doing. My sister said that my **** was stiff and he was pulling on it fast. I was standing in the middle of the room being looked at by my mother and sister with nothing on. Mom said for me to come over to her which I did not wanting any thing more to happen to me. I was shocked when she started to play with my **** and telling my sister this is what gets young girls like her in trouble as she pulled softly on it and caressed my balls with the other hand until I was hard. Thinking she was done when she let it go, as it bobbed up and down with each heart beat. Then she said for my sister to look at it and what do you think of it? My sister asked why did I pull on it for. My mom said here I will show you. At that point she *********** hard **** as my sister watched with curiosity. Watch mom told her you will see him shout ***** out from getting over excited. The soft caressing of my balls and steady pulling on my **** made me shout my *** all over. My mom said as I was *********** see, see his ***** coming out. That is why he does it he likes to shout his ***** out. I was so humiliated by all of this. Then I was told to clean up and get dressed which I did with no wasted time. My sister was asking questions as I was dressing, like why does he like that, what is *****, where does it come from,etc... as my mother answered them. The next few weeks I did not touch my self at all in fear I would be seen. Then one day I started doing it again when I knew sis was out of the house. But as time went on over the next few months I let my guard down. One evening I was jacking off and in came my sister to my room as i pulled the covers up over my naked body she stopped and looked at me and asked are you playing with your self again. I told her no then she said I am going to go tell mom on you. I pleaded with her not to do that and I would do anything for her if she did not tell on me. She stopped in the door way and turned around and said okay! I want to watch you play with your self. I did not want mom to find out again so I agreed to it and she pulled down my covers. Looking at my **** she said it is all shriveled up not stiff, I want to see it stiff and see you shout ***** out of it again. I played with it knowing she was all eyes it did not take much for it to become hard. Wow! she said I never knew it could grow so fast. I kept jacking my **** and in a minute or so I shot my ***. She smiled and said that was cool and when could she see it again. I never thought about that, knowing she would tell on me I said tomorrow night. For the rest of that summer she watched me three to four times a week jacking off. She would come in my room most of the time and would say okay I am ready to watch you play with yourself, which in turn I ******** naked and jacked off for her. After that summer things changed between my sister and I for the next five years. That will come in another story soon.
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Nice story. When's the next one

i think you have got a pretty cool sister.i guess she has showed some thing to you after summer. try to guess what.

Although....it's almost taboo & kinky what u wrote, still i liked it.

Is it TRUE?

mmmmm very nice