New Ways To Punish The Male Slave

if your slave disobeys your command then he should in such a way that he will try his utmost efforts to satisfy your command. tell ur slave to undress himself in front of all ur family members including small boys and young girls. tease his genitals in all possible ways. make him stand tall with his penis in erect position. Beat it with such a force with a stick till he begs ur mercy. then use the cow milking machine. then make him go for a dog position and place a candle in front of his penis. further punishments will continue.
mohanapriyar65 mohanapriyar65
2 Responses Dec 26, 2011

Best way to punish your slaves. if u r alone close the door and beat his penis till lets ***** out. before doing so make his penis to be placed between the broken wooden chair. once his penis grows in size and it will nicely between them. and he wont be able to take it out before it is coming to normal size and good stick beat continously till cries aloud. now stop and measure ultimate size of his penis. now put his penis in a mug of water which has big red ants make it bite his penis. continues..........

Not bad ideas. Suggest doing some predicament punishments. For instance, have him stand with a limp penis. Put something in from of him, like a hot iron or candle in front of him so that if becomes erect his penis touches it. Then do things that make him become erect. If he can't control his penis, oh well.

hahhahaa.........funny & Pleasing ! any idea to get such type of videos ?

wow, ........please continue, i m listening. r u getting my voice ?