I Conquered My Fears With Prayers To God

Last Sunday, my mom & I had to take a trip back to my hometown, Bohol. I wasn't so excited at first, in fact, I was so anxious. Why? Because, all my maternal relatives were gonna be there and I haven`t had much good experiences with them. I was thinking, NO . They're gonna ask me so many questions again! And I don't really wanna talk to them.

Anyways, the moment of truth came and my mom & I were already on the boat. I prayed to God so hard for everything to be alright. For everything to be the Best Unforgettable Memories of My Life. Little did I know, that it was actually gonna come true. Although I had nightmares while sleeping on the boat.. Oh well, NONE of it came true.  When we arrived, my cousin picked us up in his car & there was my extremely cute 2 year old niece & my 4 year old nephew! My nephew called me "Auntie Destiny Nicole?"  I was so ecstatic! (My real name's not Destiny, but I like that name A LOT.)

I was with my 6th Grade niece, and we had some great fun at a place called Danao. It was like a developing sports adventure park. Almost all of my relatives were there & we went ziplining 650 feet above the air, sky riding & my cousin even tried the plunge!  I heard her scream from down below. 

All in all, it was a good day, NO, make that.. ONE of the BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE. In the car with my mom & some of my relatives, they're laughing & I'm staring at the window, Thanking God for that moment. (I'm an only child, I only get to see my mom every weekends, *work) Looking down at the river and the trees 650 feet below, & the only thing holding you is a harness, makes you feel so FEARLESS.  I Thank God for helping me & guiding me to conquer my fears. I never could've done it without him.

Nighttime came, my cousin & I, who was like a brother figure to me (I always wanted an brother & i still do, it's a very touchy issue for me) were able to bond in the car & bed time. I borrowed his phone, we talked & stuff. The lights were dimmed & the tv was on. As I looked at him with the tv light shining on his face, for a moment-- I had a brother, an older brother. I knew at that moment that I was in a state of nirvana, a state of pure ecstasy. I was happy.
It was actually the first time I talked to him. Well, since we were kids of course! I found it a little bit disappointing, knowing that I could've been closer not only to him but as well as my other maternal cousins. I always stayed in my dad's house. Oh well. 

Tears silently fell down on my face & for the first time, It was purely tears of Joy. The kind of Joy I thought I would never feel & understand. But on that day, I did. And I have God to thank for everything that's happened in my life.

BTW, to add to all of this, I was finally able to see a dietician & I got to choose a puppy!  I get to have him on Sunday.  I'm so happy & for now, I know that God heard ALL my prayers. My faith is definitely present. I prayed to him & he made my dreams come true. Thank You Dear God. Thank You. 
nickicks619 nickicks619
13-15, F
Aug 4, 2010