Evil Gtfo, Good <3

Sometimes I'm around certain people, and I just don't feel right. Some people give off really weird and eerie feelings. Sometimes I don't even have to be that close to them to feel this evil. I can also really feel people who are happy and joyful. I LOVE being around people who are happy, so I can say I am very drawn to happy individuals, but less drawn to the ones who are dark. If that makes sense.

LylaRocks LylaRocks
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3 Responses Mar 11, 2010

yeah, if u dont get vibes on the internet. do u get vibes on the internet? i've learned to stay away from people that i get weird vibes from. it usually means that i'll find out that they were into **** for years. i can tell wen ppl get into that stuff. it makes my skin crawl!

Yeah, I know what you mean. By weird, I mean evil. Eerie, devlish...But internet feels like a pretty safe place to discover different kinds of people.

I get this too, but then sometimes I get weird and eerie, thinking is this coming from me or them.<br />
One of the worst ones at the moment is my boss at work whose current mission is to take me aside at every opportunity and counsel me on how I need to be more positive, passionate, etc like he's some sort of scientologist. He's freaking me out at the moment.