Waiting For Dad

I recieved a few bedtime spankings,the worse ones were when i was sent to room & made to wait til my Dad came home from work.A lot of the time if i was spanked in the evening by my Mom i would be sent straight to bed where i would sob myself to sleep,but sometimes if Mom was busy & Dad was'nt there i was sent to my room & made to wait for my Dad to come home to give me a spanking.I would sit in my room crying because i knew after i was spanked i would be sent to bed which i hated cos i liked staying up.I only had to hear the sound of my Dads heavy boots on the stairs & i'd be rooted to the spot scared to move but wanting to so badly,9 times out of 10 if i had misbehaved in the evenings i had to wait for my Dad to come home & he would always say the same thing,'Susan,do you think i could come home at least one week of the year without having to come up here to spank your butt?' As i got older i used to answer back saying something along the lines of 'well don't spank me then if you've better things to do',which always made the spankings longer. He was very apt at getting you across his knee & your PJ bottoms down or Nightshirt up,then CRACK that first smack with his belt would hit your bare bottom until he felt it was red & sore enough.These spankings were the only time i was'nt sent to stand in the corner.After my bottom was well & truly spanked he made me get in bed with the words,'if i hear you out of that bed just once young lady you're going to be praying your butts made of steel'.Needless to say i never moved from that bed til the following morning.
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how long did you sufferd pain

did you touch your ***** afterwards ? i loved spankings, they made me excited, which made my mom stop spanking me :(

OMG the "just wait until your father gets home" pronouncement is horrible! I've also been reduced to pleading with my mother to "just spank me now please" but it rarely works :-( So I spend hours of dread knowing my bare bottom is gonna be burning red from Dad's belt sometime after he gets home from work.<br />
Mom actually makes it worse sometimes. She will send me to my room to "get ready for your whipping" half an hour before Dad is due home. Then she will come to my room to make sure I'm dressed in pajama top and panties.<br />
She likes to put me in the corner and she says things like, "I feel sorry for your bottom Missy because your Dad is gonna whip it until you can't sit down" or "I don't blame you for crying now, cuz after your Father gets home his belt will make you cry so the neighbors will probably hear!"<br />
The only "good" thing about waiting for Dad is I get it in my room, not downstairs like Mom spanks me in front of everyone - but Mom always follows Dad into my room and she leaves the door open so the whole family can hear me get whipped or walk by and see sometimes.<br />
That's when my fear turns into panic. When they come into my room and I see the belt in Daddy's hand and Mom is saying, "See Missy, I told you the belt was coming. Time to get your panties off!"<br />
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very hot mmmmm yess i love it

Sometimes I have to wait for Dad in his study. That means for me that I have to pull down my panties and I have to bend over his desk till he arrives. It´s always shaming and increased my anxiety.

I´m getting aroused by the humiliation when I have to show myself naked and get belted till I whimper and I burst into tears. I'm humbled, but I am at the center of attention.

Sometimes I have to wait for him and his belt already bending over the end of the bed with my bottom bared.<br />
<br />
My feelings are a mixture of fear, shame and getting aroused. I´ll get always wet in my crotch before I get belted.

So now I am guessing you are an adult who likes to get spanked. Uhh Freak.a.leek

I remember very well the sensations when waiting for an announced spanking. I had this feelings when I had a bad report card, walking toward house, with or without mom, but knowing very well how red and hot will be my bottom soon. Mom too used to remember me that we're going to have a long talk with her slipper, after a bad misbehaviour at other's house or in some public place. Waiting was often almost worst than the spanking itself.

I know very well how bad that waiting is. It happened to me too, more than once

My dad was only home when he had time to get back at the weekend,so he would travel home after work on a Friday and travel back to London on Sunday night......one Friday at school when i was 7, i received a letter telling my parents i was in danger of being excluded for constant bad behaviour,when mum saw the letter she told me to wait til dad got home and he would deal with me<br />
After a few hours of looking out of the window to see if my dad was walking down the road,he came into view,he came down the street and in the front door,down the passageway and as i was sat in the front room i could hear him talking to mum,i heard him coming towards the room door and he came in to the room and shut the door.....he asked me about what i had done and then told me he was going to give me a good spanking,he sat on the chair and told me to take down my trousers and underpants and bend over his knee.....as i bent over he held me down on his knee,he then spanked my bare bottom with his hand until i was screaming and howling in pain

I think that the mental torture of waiting "Until your father comes home" sometimes surpassed the spankings themselves.

i was spanked many times beforebed an i was glad it was bed time my dad would spank me an leave me in bed cryin ot sleep<br />
i hate to get spank before dinner cuase i had to sit at table crying with my sister an brohter an bare bottom much rahter bed time

Oh I remember those words well! That wait for a spanking is torture! Sitting there nervous with butterflies in your stomach. I much prefered the on the spot spanking, no time to worry!

I, my siblings and friends have all heard the "You just wait till your father comes home" threat. Many times have i waited for my Dad to get home, in some ways i think the wait is almost as bad as the actual spanking. You worry yourself to death about the spanking to come:/