"a Warm Bottom Or Goodnight Kiss"

Most of my spankings happened right before bedtime. If I did something that was wrong like misbehaving and it did not require my father to spank on the spot he would tell me he'll deal with me later. That meant a bedtime spanking. My father always entered my room at bedtime to kiss me goodnight but when I was going to get a spanking he would enter the room with a straight back chair and my mother would also come into my room holding a hairbrush. Father would then sit down and motion for me to come towards him. He would then guide me across his lap and firmly hold me in that position. He then bared my bottom and lectured for at least ten or so minutes. He never spanked me right away. This was more or less his routine, first over his knee and baring my bottom followed by a lengthy lecture and then the spanking. It was funny because there I would be over his knee with my bare butt in the air while he scolded me for quite sometime before even spanking me. Then my mother would hand him the hairbrush and she would sit at the edge of my bed and just watch as my father blistered my butt. He would stop the spanking when my bottom was cherry red on both cheeks and I was bawling my eyes out. Then I got my goodnight kiss.
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I also like the story ended with a goodnight kiss...

I generally got spanked straight away, and that sometimes included bed times. I like it that the spanking ended with a goodnight kiss. In our house once the spanking was over that was it - until the next time.

Mine are always given right away, no waiting and usually include going to bed

Did either parent have you bare your own bottom? If, yes, was it less or more embarrassing?.

No, my father did the honors.

In my younger days a long wait on occasions was part of the process and I personally do not see it as particularly harsh. Then again usually I received no more than six strokes of the cane from my headmaster these were on occasions given on the next morning to the day my punishable offences occured. Punishment was fair but uncomfortable and the wait to contemplate one's position was deemed a valuable part of the whole event. Just another perspective which imho helps to make a spanking the more memorable.

Whenever my aunt would babysit me, I knew I would get a spanking for something, whether I deserved it or not. Fortunately, she always told my parents that I behaved well. One one occasion, when I was 12, she told me

"Remember, you are not too old for a spanking. You better behave."

I replied:

"I know that you will spank me sooner or later. Why not now, to get it over with?"

My sarcastic comment earned me an immediate paddle spanking. But then she said:

"You did not get your way. The spanking isn't over with. You will get another spanking at bedtime"

Which I did.

I agree that spankings should be given with love and not just be an ex<x>pression of total In the domestic setting they should be justified and just sufficient to make the recipitant take note of the displeasure they have caused. A way of making amends and of righting the wrong they have caused. Although the two things are vastly different in the same vein I see erotic spankings as being a mixture of pain and loving pleasure and therfore they should be similarly mild and not done to excess as so many seem to feel.

In my family, whenever a spanking was needed during the day, a second one was given by dad at bedtiem. Usually with a long lecture first as well.