Actually, Woken Up Out Of A Sound Sleep For A Spanking

My mom did this several years ago after I'd hidden a progress report from school, due to a lower-than-expected grade in a science class (Biology). My younger sister, w/o meaning to do it, set me up for it by telling mom that her friend Jessie's older sister had gotten one that was oing to lead to her cel phone getting taken away. Unfortunately, Mom knew Jessie was a grade ahead of me, which confirmed for her that I had been lying to protect the truth. At about 12 am I got jarred awake by arms that pulled my legs back and throwing my blanket off, then felt my oversized tee get yanked up and a paddle smacking my bare a$$ for what felt like a solid minute. Not the way to be woken up, ever, and after that I always made sure to give her my grade sheets.
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5 Responses Dec 11, 2012

i understand your mom

I have never woken up my D for a spanking or any other reason come to think of it. Oh 1 time yes when the bathroom started to flood ;) I have a few times got her straight out of bed when she has been in trouble and within a few moments she has had her PJs down and then been spanked. Not often but it happend.

Yikes. That sounds like a horrid way to wake up. I doubt I'd react well to it so I guess prevention would be the smart thing ;-) Glad you learned from your mistake.

Smart choice.

Wow! That was a rude awakening! I got a bad spanking for hiding progress reports too!