The Strap Through The Generations

I well remember the deferred spankings. They weren't frequent but very memorable.
Oftimes I got away with murder by not being caught but the most stinging spankings were when you were innocent. Though , even then, if initial protests failed I just bent over and accepted my Karma. ....

I had been specifically instructed to keep a close eye on my aunts neighbours younger lad on the way home from playing in the dark evenings.
He, however, was one of these tearaways with no eye for consequences. I struggled to get him back without a sideline to the shops or parks etc.
One evening he disappeared entirely. I was beside myself and scoured the local parks and shops to no avail.
I got home 90 mins late to furore in the house. He had made it home himself and had spun a yarn of me having deserted him.
Well , all my protests fell on deaf ears.
My aunt asked Mrs Murphy what she should do with me. She spat out that if I was hers she would take her husbands belt to me. Oh crap.
Off home we went. Dinner was quiet but nothing happened. So far so good. We watched some telly and then bedtime. Off I went with a sense of great relief. Changed to pyjamas. Teeth brushed rush to bed. Thank god ........

Knock knock.
- I'm sorry I've been mulling this over but I think Mrs Murphy was right. I feel that I need to really punish you this time.
I looked on aghast. Coiled in her slim fingers was Mrs Murphy,s legendary family strap. It seems so bizarre now but she really had borrowed her heirloom domestic tawse.
She fumbled with it a bit obviously unfamiliar with its use, but she soon figured out to hold it by the shaped handle end and she fiddled nervously with the two vicious tails at the business end of the aged tan leather strap.
-I was only with my spinster aunt for the summer. I couldn't really take it all in. My parents were in the far east and only rarely had I been welted with a belt. Mostly a swift smack was all that was required.
-how do we do this? She asked rhetorically tapping the doubled over strap against her left non dominant hand.-
I remember
- Right pull out that chair beside your bed and kneel down in front of it.
I complied putting my elbows against the seat cushions
Next I felt my pyjama bottoms being firmly lowered
- aunty!!!!
I looked over my shoulders. There's she was all 5 ft of
Stern Scottish aunt. Placing the strap over her right shoulder. At least she was still in her office clothes of tight jacket blouse tights and moderate heels. That lot should at the least compromise her swing.
- whoosh. Crack. Aargh.
I could easily feel the separate fingers wrapping round my right buttock and thigh like two fiery ribbons.
she took another step back. Checked her range. Rather akwardly she replaced the strap over her shoulder using her left hand to steady it in place -whoosh crack!!
omg that hurt it was like I'd had six already. My arse was on fire.
- please aunt that's so sore. Please stop.
-dont be ridiculous I've barely started!
Up and down that strap went. I could barely retain my self control. But if this little midget battleship of an aunt could dish out such an uncompromising leathering then I sure as hell wasn't going to break.
After a dozen loud cracks leaving inumerable welts across my backside and legs the cracking noise and the sudden licks of worse fire in my burning *** stopped.
I realised I was holding my breath and biting the seat cushion. Only slowly did I begin to retake in the outside world and start to function.
- well that's the end of that. You've had your licks and took it well. Get to bed. She recoiled the belt and left saying she would be gone a few minutes while she took the strap back to her neighbour.
- perhaps I should invest in one she quipped.
I look horrified. But with a confiding smile she said `perhaps not. It reminds me far too much of my own beltings when I was your age'
I was shocked to think of her clearly recollecting how she was belted before recreating the position an number on me.
Things never change generation upon generation!!

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Thank you for your memory. That was a really hard spanking.