i was awake and i wasnt supposed to be and mom made me roll over and spanked me with her hand bare!
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I would kiss your cute butt all over but I would never spank it.

how often you get a spanking from your mom?

Nice lucky you let talk about if


just once? maybe was just to remind you that she is the boss.

Hand spankings are just a warning.

Hi all your experiences have been about spanking , is this troubling you , or has now become something that you enjoy , and like expressing ?

did that a few times to my kids

spanking your nice bubble but, is best for a bare hand.........slap slap.......meow


do you have a kik

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im sure you deserved it

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you haven't posted of any spankings for quite a while now. Does this mean that your mom is in spanking you anymore?

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mmmm that sounds hot, you must have been a very bad girl to deserve that ?

ps, id love to kiss your red hot and welted *** cheeks afterwards to soothe the pain mmmmmmm

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add me!!! i like your story!!!

My father (who used to be in the Merchant Marines, I later learned) had a God-awful habit of waking up if he heard someone or something and booming out, "Who goes?"

The first time he did that to me in the pitch dark, I yelled back, "it's ME!"

"Who's me?" he demanded. "Sing your name out!"

At this point, I made my way back to bed. I was more annoyed than scared now. The next morning, I took it up with Mom.

"Don't worry," she assured me. "He was probably dreaming and you woke him up.
I'll take care of it."

My father did this several times during my growing up years, but I was never the one on the receiving end again. Usually it was my Mom, who answered his "Who's me?" with "Well, who do you THINK?"

how old was you and was you making a noise or doing some thing you should not have

Jvcs - I was ten years old at the time, and spending the night upstairs with Grandma in her "in-law" apartment. She decided she was thirsty as we prepared for bed, so I took one of her glasses and went to the downstairs kitchen to bring her some milk back. The "who goes?" challenge issued forth as I was returning in the dark and passed my parents' room. I nearly dropped the glass - thank God I didn't - and I couldn't wait to get back upstairs.

Cute you sleep naked! Sorry you still get your cute *** spanked but gotta admit its pretty cute you still get spankings at your age :D

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Well if your *** looks like your pic then spank it all night long :P

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nice butt to spank though!!!!!

Did you enjoy this? :)

One summer night my 2 cousins were visiting us and were sharing a bedroom with me and my brother. Four boys, aged 7-9, all charged up and wide awake were not about to fall asleep.

After being warned several times about talking and laughing we were told that the next time they heard a sound my mom and aunt were going to come in with the hairbrush. Well, we didn't want that.

The silence lasted for about 2 minutes until someone made the fart sound and we all started laughing. All of a sudden the bedroom door flew open, the lights came on and underpants came off. Both my mom and aunt had a hairbrush and in a flash, four naughty boys were getting bare bottom spankings.

The irony is that my mom and aunt didn't want to hear any noise. The sound of four boys getting a thorough hiney warming with the hairbrush at 9.00 pm could be heard by neighbors up and down our street.

Sounds like another fun and entertaining night for your sister.

Actually my sister was staying with our neighbors that night - having relinquished her room to my two older cousins. But the next morning she came in while we were having breakfast and wanted to know about all the crying and yelling she heard last night. The four of us looked at each other and burst out laughing.

Why did your mom spank you ...... Add me I love to chat with you

I have a story like this When i was 5 years it was holidays easter I sleep mom begin to made aspiratory . It made me wake up and a little angry i said "mom aspiratory made too much noise I could not sleep! " It was may 8h30 or 9 am Mother laughting reply "no speak with this weeping voice stupid silly baby ! wake up ! lazy!"Vexed I said oh then dung! " Mom understand I said to her you a dung! It was in french i said oh ├ža crotte alors she understand alors sale crotte! She angry no ask me explaination . I was laying on my stomach . I have a new pyjama a little great and my left buttock was naked like a temptation for mom hand ! Like the like greased lightening her hand fall on my buttock and it made noisy CLAAK!!! I not have time to cry that she take off my pant to punish my other buttock her twin sister the right nor white and again CLAAAK !! I feel the pain cry rub my bum ! Mom late me alo ne go clean in other room and stopped aspiratory . I look my bum in the miror and see the mark of mom hand on each buttock I cry my bum is sore . Mom came back 20 minutes later : I cry always mom said laughting:" I see my hands have made good job it has good smack and it has draw a pink rose on your each buttocks!!" i try explain what exactely I have said and that I did not want to insult her but said dung like zut . I said also you made pain to my bum bum ! She reply your buttocks shall learn you lesson. I go to toilet and put washing glove and cold water to my sore bottom . Pain go a little down ! after 15 minutes mom came and said breakfast . before she bring me bad room wash me I said when she wash my butt " look mom nor a little red it is always pain ! She wash my bum whith delicatess said nothing then dress me and bring me to kitchen to eat cereal on the chair she put a good cushion on the chair and said seat down ! cushion for your bum mom is no more angry. The pain go down and finish by disapeared but it was strong for bad words misunderstand pain bottom 45 minutes i think and why mom said me stupid silly baby

one must obey the rules - seems like mom likes to keep things hopping!

How late were you up? Your mom fliped you over,lifting your nighty and panties for a spanking. What she use on your butt?

my mom never spank me with hand she allways spank me with hairbrush

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I was never spnked for being awake... Being awake and making noise, having light on after lights out, leaving room after told do not... Have gotton several spankings for sleeping too late, or faking sleep to try to get more time in bed etc... And have been woke up and spanked for wetting my bed a lot of times... Or woke up and spanked for not doing something the night before... And of course woke up and given more spankings for getting spanked by babysiter etc....

I only got spanked for things like that when I had already been spanked and put to bed, but I laid there crying and moaning. If Mom walked by after putting me to bed for punishment and I was still awake, she said nothing if I wasn't crying and complaining.

Wow mom is strict. Can you add me please? We have some interests in common.

My Mom was strict but always fair...never super-strict unless I carried on and on (I was a great little actress). If I was tired enough, I didn\'t complain too long, but if I was wound up, it was another story. I probably had been bad all day and Mom had just had enough of me. So she gave me something to cry for and that ended THAT.

i would have done the same ,but for different reasons ..
However , I would bare your butts first.

I know what that Feels like !! - Would love to be part of your circle

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rrrip those covers off and start spanking!!Yep, been there more than once. Ouchie!

Lol so mom gave u a spanking on your bare butt good job mom! Seems like mom givez u a fair share of spankings lol :) how old wereu in thst pic when she was gonna spank u :)--

Love reading spanking stories.

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If we were making noise, after being sent to bed, we would get a warning to stop, and a second warning as well. If we continued, we could expect my mom to come in with the hairbrush.

How ironic! She didn't want us making noise, but by the time she was done blistering our bare heinies with the hairbrush the neighbors on the next block could hear us yelling and crying!

I had the same type of Mom. These days my husband spanks me. I really enjoy it when I am in the right mood.

She spanked you , because you were awake ? Sounds she needed a pretext to spank you ? Maybe she enjoys spanking you?Maybe YOU enjoy being spanked ?

How old were you when that happened?

Between the ages of three and seven.

My stepfatehr used to catcc me out all the time but he didn't smack me or anything just yelled at whatever the time was. Could have been 4am and he didn't give a ****.

My father was a good one for the yelling. He never got out of bed - he yelled at whoever it was. This was usually followed with, "What the ***time is it ANYWAY?"

When my mom was still alive, this usually made her get out of bed to start the coffee and her day.