My mom spanked me at whatever time of day it happened to be. But I had an aunt and uncle who always did spankings at bedtime. Even if your bad behavior occurred in the morning, you were told it would be a spanking at bed time. It put a gloom on the whole day thinking about it. Dinner was usually very quiet because the time for punishment was coming. At bed time, uncle Jay would come to my cousins bedroom where I would be staying. I would get undressed and bend over the bed. He would take off his belt and give me a long hard whipping. Then I would put on my pajamas and go to bed crying and sore. I really tried to avoid his spankings.
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I had an aunt that was the same way. Spanking were given after my bath at bedtime. It was no fun walking around all day with a lump in your throat and knot in your tummy knowing that a spanking would be given at the end of the day. Then there was that long walk naked down the hall after my bath where I was taken by the arm to her bedroom for a lecture and spanking.

I got both bedtime spankings and sometimes on the spot spankings. The bedtime was usually announced if we were in the car or at an event, e.g. church or shopping or in a public forum.

At least with a bedtime spanking you could cry it out and then get a good night's sleep. Then you'd have a fresh start the next day.

I agree. Bedtime spankings were the worst. Waiting for it all day. I recall as a kid even start crying at dinner knowing spanking was so near. It did not soften my dad's will of course. Luckily they did not used bedtime ones too often. But I can imagine your cousins plight if they got it that way always!

I agree whole heartedly. My aunt Hilda who I spent a lot of time with when I was growing up, was a bedtime spanker. I remember one particular incident that happened when I was 12. I had been particularly naughty and my aunt had told me that I was in for a serious bottom warming with her hairbrush at bedtime. Knowing how must her hairbrush hurt, it was hard to concentrate on anything that day, so when bedtime finally came I was actually relieved that it soon was going to be over.
Aunt Hilda told me I was to have a shower and then come back downstairs in my pyjamas. When I arrived there was my aunt, as always, sitting on the couch with the hairbrush laying beside her. Despite my apologies and pleas for mercy, my aunt ordered me to pull my pyjama tops right up and hold it there and then she took hold of her 12 yr old nephews pyjama bottoms and pulled them right down to my ankles exposing my privates to her gaze. She then ordered me across her knee and gave me a serious spanking on my bare bottom with the hairbrush and with my yells getting louder each time it landed. Then with my bottom in flames I went straight to bed where I slept fitfully on my stomach.

Did you and your cousin get spanked together

I remember getting spankings with the hairbrush right before bed. At least I had a good night sleep to recover. Although sometimes my hiney was still sore the next morning.