Nigerian Apartment Scam

A friend and I were looking for apartments in the Chicago area and using craigslist to do so.  My friend called me one evening saying she found this amazing place downtown that this Christian missionary on a mission in Africa wanted to sublet.  She forwarded an e-mail to me that he had sent her and everything seemed fairly legitimate.  Until I went and did my own research and went looking for this amazing apartment.  Too bad it didn't exist.  I went around the block 10+ times looking for the place!  Then I went back and looked at the ad on craigslist and can't believe I almost fell for it!  He had sent another e-mail saying we could just move in immediately and pay him a deposit via money order.  Anytime a person wants you to pay money up front, don't!  It's a scam.   I guess, at first, I was just seeing what I wanted to see. 

Alvertesupe86 Alvertesupe86
22-25, M
Mar 14, 2009