My Beloved Nigeria

I received several e-mails over a three year period, sometimes the same E-mail but from different African countries, whilst it is unlawful and immoral to try and con people I am saddened that my beloved country is made to look like a den of robbers.

So I am going to illustrate a fact that is so often overlooked in the western world, here I go; there 120 millions people in my beloved Nigeria, if one million people are fraudsters ( I am not saying there are) and spread across the world, what fraction of the population is that? you do the maths.

Yes, a bulk of my fellow Nigerians are living in poverty yet law abiding, its the fraudsters ( a minority ) that get all the headlines. I hope this helps to put thing in perspective, God bless Nigeria and her people wherever they are.

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4 Responses Mar 20, 2009

It's really sad that People don't have the time to separate the Chaff from the wheat.. And who can blame them...? Nigeria is a world-wide name in Fraud... Yet it's maybe use 1 million out of 120 million... God Bless Nigeria!

it is true dude, poverty makes man do the things. poverty drives some men to insanity and fraudulent behavior but they are better than Somalians!.

and god bliss all those that block them.