Missing Mother

My mother passed away in 97 at the young age of 57 she got choked on a hot dog (long story). I was at a drive in restaurant waiting for a car hop to come and take my order (it was a hot dog stand) missing my mother all day and couldn't get her off my mind. I had asked for a sign from her to ease the pain I was feeling and all of a sudden a big white car pulled in across from me and the license plate on the front said 'SALLY'.  That was my mother telling me she she was with me and that she was ok. I had gotten a letter addressed to my mother onetime also and it had my address and her name, this was like 10 years after her death and she was letting me know that she was with me.

Rhondee Rhondee
46-50, F
2 Responses Mar 1, 2009

I am so glad that your mother is giving you signs. I got a short phone call from my deceased best friend from high school once. I wish he would do that again.

I got alot of comfort from the sign from my mother. Thanks for sharing/caring