A Lovely Surprise Gesture

I could not let this moment pass without a word. You made me speechless without knowing what to say, I wish I could express how much you have touched me with it. You really know how to please someone.
Receiving gifts is always a wonderful thing, but coming from a person I love and care, makes my world more colorful, a sky with brilliant colors and winds with smiles.
I want to thank you for it and I will never forget this gesture and whenever I can I will try to reward it with joy.  May happiness be always in your life and that all the graces of this life make your days full of emotion and harmony.

I love you...

Kisses as a tender moon


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3 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Such deep emotion. You always put things in such a beautiful way.

to giv and see joy and smiles from ur heart *priceless!<br />
<br />
sure this is more then a heart warming read ..<br />
<br />
for ur giver..kisses of a tender moon *SIGH* lovely!<br />
<br />
i lov u too..*giggles*tickles endless*I'm sending U Angel tickets to *Paradise!! :--)

love to read your words.<br />
<br />
glad you have one so close.<br />
<br />
winds with smiles......so beautiful, as you