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Massage In Dakar

A few years ago, I was on vacation in the city of Dakar with 5 friends of mine. 3 girls and 3 boys. I had just passed my 20, and those friends were just friends. There was nothing in between anyone of us. It was just a plain friendship.

After a few days spent visiting, bathing and sunbathing, we were a little bit bored. Suddenly, one of the girl started the topic : "What if we go for a massage ? I saw there was a center in the hotel, and it's quite cheap." I have to say that anything in Africa is quite cheap for us, european. I had never been to a massage center, and therefore couldn't know what it was like. My curiosity was picked, and after a few talking, we all decided to go have a massage. When we arrived there, there was none in the center, besides the employees. So when they saw the 6 of us coming in, they were very happy to see us.

On the prices, there was quite a large amount of choices. None of us did knew what those where, so we finally decided to go, since we had time, with a complete massage, followed by an access to jacuzzi and sauna. I had no idea what that was. I was soon to discover. After having paid the price, we were brought to a small personnal dressing room. Each one of us had its own. The girl who had brought me to mine gave me her instructions. "Please, relax, and undress yourself. Someone is coming in a few minutes for your massage. There are towels here on your right, for your convenience. Feel free to use them. When you are ready, feel free to enter. The door is open. Enjoy your massage Miss".

So I entered the dressing room, and started to remove my clothes. Since I'm quite shy, I simply didn't removed my bikini bottom I had. The towels were quite huge. I was able to close it above my breasts, and it was going down under my knees. I was quite impressed with that towel. I don't know why, but I was afraid. Afraid of pushing that door, to discover what was behind it. First time experience is always somehow difficult. I finally unlocked the door, and there was a large room. On the sides, there were all kind of flasks, probably filled with different oils. In the middle, a large kind of table, with white drapings laid on it. I supposed this was the massage table. The rest of the room was quite beautiful, almost white everywhere. It was a very clean place. A door on the opposite side of the room went open, and a black girl, with a white top and white leggings entered. She was quite tall, maybe 1m80 or something, with long brown hairs. She was not truly black, I guess her father or mother was white, so it was more coffee milk color... I found her very attractive. "Hello, I'm your masseuse." said she. "Please lay yourself on the table, and simply relax."

So I slowly took place. "Please lay back on your stomach". I was hearing squishing sounds, and bottles being replaced. I was thinking she was preparing her oils. I was nicely installed, my arms under my head. I suddenly felt my towel being slowly pulled from under me. "Will you excuse me Miss, but I need to replace it more correctly in order to be able to massage you". Yes, of course, how stupid I was. I had my towel kept on me. So, I helped her in lifting my body slowly. To my surprise, she didn't removed it from me. She simply removed all that was under me, keeping the towel on my back and legs.

"I will start from your feets. If you feel uncomfortable, feel free to say so, some people are very sensitive there." I didn't had time to tell her not to touch my feets, because they are so over sensitive. Nobody can touch my feets. Ever. It's impossible. The time I took my breath and she had her both hands around and on my feets, massaging them. And... nothing. No reflex reaction, no tiggling. Just a delicious massage. In my life, she is the only one who was ever able to touch my feets. "Did you wanted to say something Miss ?" "No... I'm sorry" did I simply said. "I feel you are tensed... Relax Miss." I closed my eyes, and tried to forget about my muscles. Just her massage on my feets was incredible. I have no idea how she did it, but it was both relaxing and exciting. Slowly, she started to massage my legs, then my thighs. She was very slow, but the massage was bringing me to paradise. Everytime she had finished with a part of my body, and it was like dead. SO much sensations, and so relaxed. I didn't had any tention left, and I remember that, when she had finished both legs, if she would have said to stand up, I wouldn't have been able to stand. It was incredibly relaxing. She was also very delicate with my shyness, and was pushing the towel up so slowly that I didn't even realised she was pushing it up, revealing slowly more of my skin.

She stopped at around 5 cm from my ***. She moved up, and started doing the very same with my arms. She moved them on the side, and replaced my arms with a cushion under my head. My arms, neck, and back... Everytime she was moving the towel slowly back, until it finished by just covering my bikini bottom. I was so relaxed by then, her touch was so light and strong at the same time. I was in space. No pain. I've never been so relaxed. My head was enjoying the massage, and it was so arousing as well. It was incredible. Slowly, she removed the towel, finding that I still had my bikini bottom under it. She didn't said anything. Slowly, she undid the two knots on my hips, and removed it. I was surprised myself to discover my body was helping her, lifting slowly. I was naked on that table. And she continued with my ***, massaging it. It was once again incredible. She was massaging my *** with such a move that my ***** was slowly moving. I realized I was so wet. I immediately blushed. She kept doing like that with my ***, caressing and massaging every cm of my skin. Her fingers were just a mm from my *****. And I was wetting even more.

"May I ask you to turn around so I could do the other side please ?" My body reacted on its own, and I turned. I was so red. My **** were so hard. But she didn't said anything. She started massaging me again... My neck, my torso. When she arrived to my breasts, she didn't stopped, and kept on doing as if it was totally normal. She massaged them. I'm so sensitive on my breasts that I felt my ***** contracting and releasing on its own on every move she was doing. I was so excited. And still so red. "Is this your first massage Miss ?" I was so relaxed I was only able to moan and slowly move my head in a yes sign. "Don't be worry, this is totally normal. Close your eyes, and relax." I was so glad I was not a guy. If the guys were having the same kind of massage, with so much arousal and excitation, I would have been totally embarassed having a **** there, hard, leaving no doubt on my excitation. Luckily I am a girl, I can still claim the opposite :p

Then she went for my stomach, and slowly moved down. She was massaging my venus mount. Me, on my side, I was away. Far away somewhere in space. In a universe filled with sweetness, sensations, pleasure... It was all mixed, and so relaxed. "If you feel the need to express yourself Miss, feel free to do so. This is a very normal reaction Miss". For a short moment, I asked myself what she meant... But I was quick to understand, and being unable to do anything else than expressing myself when her fingers started to part my ***** lips. She was massaging my outer lips, and I'm pretty sure she had noticed I was drawning wet down there. I was back in space, unable to move any muscles, so very much relaxed. My hear let me know that I was moaning. And the massage continued, slowly coming rubbing my inner lips, my ***** now open by her fingers. Then her fingers entered me. She was not fingering me, she was massaging my vagina, inside me. It was nothing like being fingered. But it was so damn arousing. I couldn't do anything that enjoy this feeling, with a body so relaxed, unable to move, moaning more and more as I was feeling pleasure building inside my vagina. I was doing just plain nothing. Besides my lips that were contracting and releasing by themselves, I was not moving any muscle in my entire body. When her other finger started to massage my ****, it was just as an explosion from inside my vagina. The ****** was blasting and I didn't refrained my shouting. It was so strong. So powerful. And still no muscle moving. But she was still massaging me inside, with three of her fingers, while her other finger was still massaging my ****. She didn't said anything. But she kept on doing. She just had made me having an ****** just by touching my ****. That was incredible. I was not long before another one took me, and got me shouting as well. Then a third one. Three god damned blasting *******. It was that time that I discovered that I could have more than one ****** in a short amount of time. After my third, I remember she stopped slowly, but kept on massaging me, slowly, until her touch vanished.

I was there on that table, laying, naked, totally wet, relaxed. With a totally normal voice, she said : "I hope you enjoyed your massage Miss. Feel free to stay here as long as you need to recover your strength. When you are ready, you can head to the sauna. This is situated on the other side of you dressing room." And she left the room. God I was so good right here. I stayed like that for, I don't know, maybe 10 minutes or something. When I finally stood on my feets, I was like floating. I just plain good. I put back my towel around me, took my bikini back, and dropped it inside the dressing room. I went out, and found the entry for the sauna.

There, inside it, were my friends. When I entered, they were all looking at me, smiling. Did they heard me ? Oh gosh... I became so red... I couldn't imagine. "And ? said one guy. How was it ?" I had no clue on what he meant. Was he toying with me because he heard me ? Or because we all had the same treatment (******) ?

But one of the girl brought my worries to an end. "Don't be worry, I had an ******. She as well, said she, pointing to the other girl... The boys as well. We were just curious if you had one too." Of course I had... "Yes, it was... blasting." And we started, boys and girls, to talk about the massage we just had. We totally forgot about the heat of the sauna... I was paying attention to the girl who was explaining her massage, and suddenly I realised that two of the guys had started to ********** themselves. It was nothing perverse, to my opinion, and I'm not even sure they noticed it themselves. When I listened to the only guy that had not yet started to **********, I felt the urge of feeling it again... I remembered I was naked under my towel and, delicately, I started to rub my ****, slowly, listening to their stories.

At a moment, I totally stopped listening, and my mind started to fly away, once more. The other girls, seeing me, started to rub themselves as well. In the end, we were all back in our massage room, reliving the moment, and we all came again in that sauna... And to my great surprise, it was not anything perverse... The guys just cummed, don't even trying to refrain themselves, expulsing that *** of theirs in the air, on their bodies, or on the ground. We had our ****** as well. And it was totally normal. It's very weird to say, but it was like that. Just plain normal. I remind you that we had never had anything sexy going in between us, but it was so natural now.

After that, we went on the shower, and were back in our dressing rooms. Once clothed back, we decided to go to our rooms, and to prepare for the night. We set a meeting hour at 7pm, to go to the restaurant. That time was necessary for us to get back with our foots on earth. And at the restaurant, we were as before. Just a bunch of friends. We never talked again of this massage. And we never had sex between us. We let this whole episode as if it never happened. As if it was a dream. A dream that we all share, but we never talk of it. A truly erotic dream... but a true experience though.

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wow thats an awesome adventure

Thanks for sharing such a great experience:) I also have received erotic massages from masseuses who brought me to ****** at the end of the session. More recently I've been seeing a therapist who encourages me to ********** while she's giving me a massage, which I of course do. As with you, it seems so normal and is actually therapeutic as it gives me a sense of complete relaxation and stress release.

Wonderful story ! Glad you had a totally fun time.

MMmmm great erotic experience..great story

wow, so sensual and erotic, one of those special moments you will never forget

A wonderful sensual experience for you & your friends, so arousing too for your readers now! Delightful :-) xx

Sounded like a great time.

awesome...if only I could have joined you...