My Childhood Training

Im a 42yo male and Id like to share my experience:

When I was a little boy about 5 years old, I lived with my mom and stepdad.
My stepdad worked days and my mom worked nights. In the evenings when my mom left for work, my stepdad would tell me to take off my clothes and wait for him on his bed. He would come in to his bedroom a few minutes later and he would tell me that my mom told him what a bad boy i was. He would spank me, sometimes smack me in the face and he would tell me that i was going to learn to be a good boy. he would spank my bare bottom red and sore. He would then take me into the shower, He would wash us both in the shower and he would hold his penis to my lips and tell me to kiss it. He told me that I was a very good boy for doing this. He taught me how to kiss and lick his penis and how to hold it in my mouth as he moved it in and out. He taught me how to lick, kiss and suck his testicles and to kiss and lick his butt. Every night in the shower i was a good boy. I did what he told me to do, when and how he told me to do it. He told me not to tell my mom or anyone because that would be very bad and i would be punished really hard.   when i was about 7 i went to live with my dad and stepmom. During the day I was home with my stepmom and she taught me to do chores. She taught me to wash dishes, do laundry and scrub the toilets. she would tell me that i looked girly and she would call me Danielle, even in front of my friends sometimes. If my daily chores were not done properly, and most of the time they werent, I would always seem to miss a spot or fold a piece of clothing the wrong way, I would be required to pull down my pants and grab my ankles. I would be spanked with a belt, and I was required to count, "1 thank you maam" "2 thank you maam"
if I lost count i would be required to ask my stepmom to please start over, sometimes the belt would strike my bare testicles and I would let go of my ankles. I would say "Im sorry maam, could you please start over, thank you maam".  i was spanked and disciplined often.   By the time i was 10, i was pretty good at pleasing a man orally and a pretty good maid.
When i turned 15 i got drunk with one of my friends and i asked him if i could suck his penis. he said yes, i enjoyed pleasing him and i found myself craving him often.  i loved having him in my mouth. we became best friends, i pleasured him whenever he wanted me to. we liked girls and i dont consider myself gay, bi perhaps but i love being with women, i dont find myself attracted to men, but i know if a man ever asks me to pleasure him , i will. i enjoy a hard penis in my mouth and i find myself getting pleasure from giving pleasure. i love the taste of hot ***** down my throat. ive been trained to serve others and sometimes its a turnon. im married with children now and live a straight normal life, however, i constantly fantasize about crossdressing and pleasing men.
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think i beat you it was about age 5 with first anaul sex shortly after that at a baby sitters it was the same for all of us that had to go there<br />
we never got the training to do house stuff other then being used in the bed room or forced to do things with each other for the camera or they would tell our parents we had been bad that was a beating when we got home atoo<br />
<br />
spen many days trying to avoid having to sit down

thats quite a story i too had my frist taste of **** at a young age 12 but did like it

danniboy ..thank you so much for sharing your story .. I too was 'trained' at a young age, not quite like you especially because I'm a female so my training was a little 'different', yet, I can totally relate to you and your story.