The Slipper, Ruler And Cane

I went to school in the 1960s and into the 1970s, and teachers were able to smack you if you were naughty. Actually you didn't even need to be all that naughty, simply turning your head to look at a fellow classmate could get you into trouble. It was smacking on your legs or backside when you were younger, and later on, when you were bigger, came the slipper and the ruler. Happy days! Girls got the ruler either on the palms or knuckles (which was very nasty) and the slipper was used mostly on boys, bending over at the front of the class. I say mostly, because at the age of 12 yours truly got it, along with two boys and another girl, for disrupting the lesson (it was an argument over a stolen eraser, one of the boys took it from my friend when she wasn't looking) When I went to high school we learned about the dreaded cane, which we worried about I must say. For girls again it was used on our hands, which seems odd now seen as girls tend to have more padding at the back than boys. Besides which, hands are delicate and you had to be careful not to move your hand or you could end up getting it across your fingers. I knew of this happening and the girl's fingers where swollen afterwards so she could barely write! The worst cases meant being caned in front of the whole assembly, and it was almost always boys who were the culprits. These were not light taps either, but very hard swishes indeed given across the boy's bottom. The most I ever saw given was 4 strokes, and I couldn't imagine someone standing 6 like that. Our headmaster was a formidable man and even the toughest boys knees would knock at the prospect of incurring his wrath. However, bad behaviour was nipped in the bud, and bullies dealt with swiftly. I often wonder if in some ways we were better off.
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I am 61 and think of my school days every day of my life. I remember walking to Primary School in the 60's on frosty mornings in the mid of Winter, it was so cold and my hands were frozen. Then so often I was caned across the fingers and when I didn't cry I was caned until I did. It was always in front of the class. To this day I don't remember why I was caned, I think because I was talking or laughed when I shouldn't have. I will never forget when I was pulled from class to stand out the front, I knew I was in trouble because I was told to stand with my face into the corner of the blackboard. My heart was thumping while I waited my fete, my greatest fear was that my female Irish teacher would belt me until I cried. I waited and waited then towards the end of class I heard her walking towards me, my long socks were pulled down and I was caned until I cried. Crying was incidental, what traumatised me then and still does to this day is that I had Psoriasis on my legs and it was exposed. I wanted to die, I was 9 years old. The other students saw my legs and I was taunted from that day forward, no one wanted to be near me, they called me names and said I had ringworms. I will never forget that teacher, I was in Grade 4. I wish I could talk to her to let her know that I am living the nightmare some 50 plus years on. On another occasion, it was all about my birthday party, I only had one in my entire life but it wasn't on the day as that is New Years Eve. This party was before school broke up in December and I was so excited, I was 11. It wasn't our usual class teacher, but a teacher who was due to retire that year, she must have been 65 but I thought she was 100. Anyway, I was kept in for talking and she left me alone in the classroom while she went to a meeting I think. It seemed like an eternity and I couldn't wait, all of the other kids invited to my party would be there and I was missing out. I escaped and remember covering my head with my coat and running out of the school grounds as fast as I could. I made it to my party, a bit late but I made it. The trauma was the next day. I was summonsed to the elderly teacher's usual class and told to wait outside in the corridor. It was at the end of the school day, the bell rang and students went home. I had to wait, then she appeared. She grabbed me by my collar and banged my head up and down in the wooden pigeon hole type lockers. I thought she was going to kill me. I could hardly walk home, I was shaking and felt sick. Again I wanted to die. She is dead now but if she knew how much damage she did to me, perhaps she might say sorry. My life changed as a result of my horror experiences from my school days and I often wonder what direction I might have taken if I hadn't been beaten and humiliated. I feel for others who may have had such experiences during those earlier days when teachers could do whatever they wanted and for the most minor misdemeanours. Barbara

If a serious infraction of the rules occurs the consequences need to be severe. A sound thrashing across the backside is absolutely appropriate for serious and disruptive behaviour.

u think thats harsh @ my school u get in the class than pricipals office then @ home


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I got the cane bare *** at home school friend house park and mans house

How many strokes did you get during those episodes?

How many cane-strokes per session did your receive?

Thanks for your answer.

I am a girl and i it on y bottom and my parents give me it bare bottom at home. My dreaded implement is the cane or paddle

I like your story. I also had many canings.<br />
My Q. is the same as S/girl75's.

Nice story, but I'm a bit confused. How is it possible that someone aged between 26 and 30 went to school in the '60s and '70s ? Me and my math teachers had our disagreements, but still ...

yes your right this fibber should fetch the slipper and bend over now!

Yes to both morgan76 and aaad exactly the same I was thrashed very hard by mum usually with the cane always bare often had to ***** naked and until I went to boarding school at 11 any slipperings or canings i got at junior school were rewarded with another tanning at home. I did once 'lose' the note from school saying that i had been punished but some days later was found out and then it was 50 times worse. So I never did that again Indeed I would say that a good hidng certainly made you think twice about doing the same transgression again. Sure I still did other things to earn a sore bum but not often a repeat of something that had got me one before.

I grew up in the 70s and at Infant/ Junior school from age 5-11,teachers at our school used the slipper and strap as well as there hands,alot of the punishment was in front of the class and was mostly otk or bent over the desk,also it was not uncommon for the teacher to spank bare bottoms in class

From 3 years old I got the cane whip strap belt 30 wacks bare *** at 3 years old

Would love to hear more! I love hearing true accounts of school CP Email me at I also run a yahoo group on cp reminiscences and have just started a website on the same (with clips from mainstream movies)<br />
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In my mind there is no question that we were better off then, having problems nipped in the bud, and being taught that improper behavior had adverse consequences - so much better to learn that lesson earlier rather than later in life.

i got it from both my parents always on the bare bottom . mom used a number different instruments wooden spoon ,hairbrush , fly swatter.willow switch ,slipper ,paddle ,belt. with mom it was'nt that bad you spanked just enough to make think about what you done . father was always the belt and always very hard when he told you to get ready you had better move. i remember once i was 17 and skipped school little did i know that my father was home on vaction that day and that the school called the house to inquire why i was not in school. i came home at the normal time with my buddy in tow we cut together when i was asked how school was that day i lied and said fine and my father asked if i was sure and did'nt want to tell him anything i said no and my father said that the school called and said i was'nt in school and that i should send my friend home and prepare myself i told it wait my friend would be leaving in awhile my said are you sure you want it that way i said yea and went to my room to join my friend stupid me not realizing my father was right behind got to my room he closed the door and i knew i was in deep **** he yelling remember i gave you a chance you did'nt take it made me take my pants and underwear and beat my *** good with the belt right in front of my freind

Life at my grammar school was a constant round of punishments: caning and tawsing. The prefects were in charge of discipline, and we got caned even for what would be today considered minor things like having an untidy uniform (tie croucked, socks down, etc) Your name was read out at roll call in morning of afternoon, and you had to report to the prefects' common room at teatime. You dressed in pe shorts, though occasionally you have to drop your shorts to receive the strokes. We just took it all as a matter of course, and bore no resentment.

i too was sometimes spanked on the bare bottom but never had to ***** naked for it. it would be done in the bedroom by my mother for serious offences. i would have been sent up stairs to wait and then she would come in, the door was never shut but at least it provided some privicy. she would say take down your pants as she sat on the bed. i never pulled them down straight the way so would be assisted. the last time i was 12 nearly 13 so a little bit shy, although she had seen me naked many times before. she would undo my trousers and pull them down to my knees, then she put her fingers in the waistband of my underpants and pull them down to my knees also. i would then be laid over her knees with my back arched and my bottom sticking up. she always took her time i n the spanking , it seemed to last ages. the first smack would land and then she would wait a few seconds for it to sink in, just the same as my old headmaster with his cane. i would get about 5 or 6 and my bottom was very sore and a burning sensation afterwards and would last into the evening...

Trusted Gent 62 years young Looking Back to my School Days as A youngster . it was just like that Morgana76 for me to . The School Would Give A Note to Take Home Saying i Had Been Pinished at School . Then i Would Be Sent to My Bedroom To Wait . Until My Mum Punished Again . i often Suffered More Severe Punishment from My Mum Than i did at School . ManyTimes in my Teens . i would be Naked face down on my Bed . My Mum Would put her Knee on my back Then Smack my bare bottom Until her Hand Hurt . Then She would used the Thick Leather Strap . i Cryed Lots The more i Cryed The Harder My Mum would Whack my bare bottom . it was LEGAL Back in the 1950s and 1960s for Parents to Punish youngsters as and When Needed . Looking Back it did me no Lasting Harm . SomeTimes My Mum was very Brutal and my Bottom got Extremeley Bruised . Life was Different When i was Growing up youngsters had Respect for Their Parents and Teachers at Schools . Discipline is Something from The Past as is Respect . .anyeone can email me ask me anyething about anyething you want .

for Disobedient Behaviour You all Deserved to be Punished . and it was all LEGAL Back Then in The 1950s 1960s . i MySelf was Spanked Caned Strapped in The 1950s and into The 1960s . at The Catholic School i Went to and By My Mum at Home over The Kitchen Table . My bare bottom was often Thrashed and i Think i must have Deserved to be Punished . it did me no Lasting Harm and i ALways Loved My Mum Even When my bottom was red and Bruised . it was Different in The 1950s and 1960s youngsters had Respect for Adults Teachers and Parents Back Then . Discipline at home and Schools Was Looked on as Corrective Therapy Training youngsters to be Good Adults in The FUTURE . i can not imagine youngsters today being Respectfull to Adults or Teachers . ToDay there is no home Discipline . and The Cane is noLonger used in Schools . Trusted Gent Age 62 years young Looking Back .

i to was in school in the 1970s and the cane was used on boys bottoms, including mine on a number of occassions. i had to stand in the headmasters office being lectured before being told to stand on a spot that he pointed to . face the door....BEND OVER.. my blazer was lifted and i had 2 strokes of the cane. i was only 12 the first time and these stung like hell..

I got the cane at school too - we all did in those days. I think we were much bettor off for getting the cane when we did wrong or broke the rules. It was a quick punishment that was effective (for a time) and no one volunterred for a caning! As you say, it was a mighty deterrent to bad behaviour, classes were well behaved and we all could, and did, learn.<br />
<br />
The only disadvantage is that I got a liking for a red hot bottom, and I don't get it set on fire now as often as I would like.

Hi dorothyanne, I for one, would be very grateful if you'd give more details of your school experiences!

I too was in school in the 60's but our punishments were always in the privacy of the Head's study, I dont think that I would have wished to be caned in front of the class/school ( I feel differently now!!) never got caned on the hands at school, always the bottom. I have had it over my hands a number of times as an adult usually as a precurser to a bare-bottom caning and I find it quite erotic - and very painful.<br />
Been ages since I was punished, too expensive; t'would be nice to meet a like-minded person, even just to exchage reminiscences.

i like you was in senior school mid 60s/70s, yes you did not have to do much wrong it was come out to thr front of the class bend over you got the slipper in lower school and the cane in upper school girls got the cane across knickers boys got it across trousera. i am sorry to say i had many a visit to the heads office as well<br />
<br />
if you want more details let me know