My First Caning

My first caning  occurred when I was almost 14 and atttending a Grammar School in Kent. The headmaster was giving me extra tuition in my weakest subject namely mathematics.

After several weeks in which I had made little progress the Headmaster informed me that he felt I wasn't trying,a cardinal sin in his books, and that as a result he was going to cane me.

Although i had never been caned before I was no stranger to other forms of Corporal Punishment. I was regulalrly spanked at home , had been spanked twice by this headmaster once on the bare bottom, had been hand spanked and slippered at Junior School. At Grammar i had been slippered once and twice had the board ruler acroos the backside from my Maths teacher, each time  in front of the class.

To prepare for my caning I was ordered to remove my blazer and hang it on the back of the visitor's chair. I was then told to walk tot the end of ths study face the wall take down my trousers and bend over and touch my toes. I obeyed but was in a nervous state and my hands were trembling as I unzipped mt trousers and pushed them down to my ankles. I knew my thin white y front pants (the vogue underwear of the time) would proveide little protection though this was probably better than my bottom being bared, but I was also aware my pants were marked, which added to my humiliation.   While I was doing this, the head  was knelt beside the low corner cupboard where he kept his canes. Through my parted legs I could see him making his choice from what appeared to be about 20 different canes, he chose a thin cane which looked very whippy and likely to produce a great deal of sting, I was terrified but made a pledge to be stoic.

He ordered me to lift my shirt tail above my waist, and then once I had done that he drew back the cane and swished it down. I drew in my breath as it landed, my initial thought was it hadn't hurt too much but then after a few seconds the pain started to intensify and I realised that it did hurt. An interval of about 20 seconds followed before he drew the cane back for the second stroke. I gritted my teeth and made no sound as the strroke laned it was harder than the first. There was a futher lengthy wait  before the third, I was now shaking like a leaf, teeth clenched tight and with my eyes closed, but with no tears, It was the final and hardest stroke, stung like mad and the cane whipped round to also strike the top of my right thigh.

I was then given long lecture before I was dismissed head held high and with no tears. I went to the loo and then studied the wheals in the mirror they were red and livid and lasted a week. I was lazy and desrved the punishment, and overall it was a chastening but wothwhile experience. It also had an erotic efect on me and the weekend which followed, I was caned on a Friday, was pleasant in some ways though uncomfortable sitting down or riding my bike.

I wasn't eager for a further dose, but whenever I remember this event I can still feelt that mixture of fear and excitement.

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I can't imagine getting the cane. It looks like it would hurt so much more than a paddle.

The paddle stings too but spreads it over a wider area.

Ha-har! I seem to recall that you were not supposed to be caned for poor performance but you could always be caned for supposedly not trying!!!!!!! <br />
<br />
A case of heads I win, tails you lose

i was also smacked on my bottom by my mum, normally a few smacks over the trousers for minor crimes but bare on the more serious crimes...

My Mum was Strict . i was Smacked on my bare bottom from when i was very young By my Mum and Extended Family When i Deserved it . as i got older The Punishments got Harder . i to Received The Cane at Home . My Mum had one given her from A Priest . He was The HeadMaster at The Catholic School i went to . He was often at our House being Mums Friend . i was often Caned by Him at Home and at School When i was a teenager . and Mum used Other Forms of Corporal Punishments . My Mum was Very Strict . i was No Stranger to A Bruised and Wellted Bottom Growing up . at School i was Caned Hard . Nuns and Priests were the Teachers . it was Legal in the 1950s and 1960s . Corporal Punishment was Normally used in Catholic Schools Daily . i Can Remember being Caned Twice in the same day by the Nuns . and SomeTimes Strapped Befor Taking 12 Strokes of The Cane Across my Bottom . Life has Changed so much youngsters today dont get Caned in Schools anymore . Strict Discipline did me no Lasting Harm . i Learned to Respect others and MySelf Growing up . as A Well Disciplined Dependable Adult i did Good in my Life over the years . Respected Trusted Gent Age 62 years young .

i had a pre and post lecture before the caning and both of these seemed to last a good 10 or 15 minutes. i think thats why i say he was experienced in this field, not only in the actual caning but the lecture of behavior etc. the headmaster had been there for many years and caned many bottoms both boys and girls and was very calm in questions about the offence, at one point i thought he was going to let me off but no. he always seemed understanding when i gave him answers to his questions. he would point to a spot and say , i think you had better stand there my lad. as i took off my shoulder bag he would open a cupboard and take out a cane. he would say , face the door .BEND OVER. after lifting my blazer i would feel the cane rest on my bottom and then a couple of taps before the first whack. like you there was a lengthy wait before the next. after standing up, the stinging just got worse, he would replace his cane and another long lecture. i just wanted to leave his office and rub my bottom. he would always say at the end, i dont want to see you here again. i also did show off my stripes, mainly to friends i did judo with on saturday morning as we had to ***** naked, and of course my bottom was on display for all to see. bit of trophy for me.....

I was in the UK. also and the first caning was in 1969. I think the removal of the blazer, lowering of trousers, and lifting of the shirt tail, was simply to create fear, and humiliation as muich as extra sting and it certainly did sting.<br />
The preliminary to the caning and the post punishment lecture, were such a ritual that it was those which I disliked as much as the actual caning. <br />
Afterwards being able to take the punishment without crying added to one's kudos, and the striped bottom viewed when chaniging for games would provoke people to comment on the bravey of not flinching.

i too was caned at school but never had to lower trousers, although what we wore were very thin trousers and underpants so these would have offered no protection at all. in the 1970s here in the uk out trousers had no back pockets, out pockets were on the legs just above the knees and they had a 3 button waistband. these trousers were tight around the waist , so when bent over they got even tighter. my headmaster would say if not bent over enough, bent over more. by doing this really showed the shape of my bottom, it may have well been bare. trousers were so thin you could more or less see through them if put up to the light. and as i say , no back pockets. my headmaster also took out his cane before being told to bend over, so i had a good view of it first. it was very bendy and looked frightening as i was about to find out its sting. he would also lift up my blazer and place it over my back. i felt exposed but got used to that, i never got used to the sting though and had many canings. but i also now know it was for my own good, as were the spankings i got also got......

i to was caned at school,yes it hurt and left some nasty welts on my bottom. but i thank my parents and headmaster for dealing with me in this way. you see i now love the cane,i just need to find some one who is willing to cane me regulary say twice a week,and leave my bum red and stripy. im submisive so any thing that happens after my canings is a bonus.