I Never Got The Cane But Long After The Cane Was Gone

I had a teacher throw a duster at me just because I had cut my foot and was trying to find the cut and she didn't like me no paying attention to her so she threw a duster at me... i wasn't doing anything wrong as such but anyway... I never cried I just took it ...

I never got the cane as a kid at school I remember as a child in grade 1 we were threatened if we didn't know our address and date of birth and maths tables we would get the cane... that was 1978 I think - within a year or so the cane and corporal punishment was removed... my mum made a complaint and the aborigional elders got involoved also to put a stop to indiginous abuses, among other things.

I was always a good student I never got into trouble for much ... only one day I tied my shoe-laces together we another girl as we did a hop down the stairs as often the girls did these silly things... (if you have ever seen the series BRIDES OF CHRIST... it was much like that I got into trouble for that with other girl nothing bad though... occasionally teachers would threaten us with bashing if we were bad in the classroom while our teacher was away and she came in and said "I don't care which one of you cops it but if I hear one word out of any of you in this room I will grab anyone of you and thrash you!" whow we were stunned!!! we lived in fear of it...

that was the Catholic school system and obedience was all about subision, oppression and suppression of the soul really...not that I have a thing against punishment but I do not support the catholic system much now- I see myself as a recovering ex- catholic with leanings to protestant religous and other religious thought!!!!   I think punishment has become too laxed today and children and adults get away with too much - they have no fear of the police, or the law. and no fear of their parents or anything... when we were little we knew fear and being belted at home and at school... you never ever ever disobeyed a police officer or a teacher or doctors orders generally speaking...I even think that paramedics should be able to arrest people when around drugged and disorderly people as they face so much abuse and its their job to help even criminals and victims alike...

when I was at school you could not answer back the teacher even if you were in the right - their word was gospel and you OBEYED!

today young people think they can get away with anything and want to discipline the older people and I think that is wrong !!! age of majority and age of consent and having the understanding of age and experience and maturity is very different in some people but I think that young people think they have too many rights and too many controls ... that is wrong... I love the youth of society and I think that children are being misguided and they do not have the edge of maturity that most adults do... like it or not but adults should be entitled to some things that children are not... today many children live in abstract poverty and abuse cycles due to the fact that children during the 80s and 90's got managerial jobs over older men with children to feed and educate etc... while other kids had mobile phones, Ipods and laptops I did not !!! I lived very poorly and was never in trouble with the police !!!!

I don't believe that adults have a right to abuse their children nor do they have the right to not let a childs voice be heard... I think some degree of common sense plays a big part in concepts of discipline with children and repeat offenders in the courts etc... I think that children need to learn to be honest and truthful and learn the repercussion of bad choices...

I have never been in trouble with the police but I think that the activities the police have with youth groups etc are actually a good thing to insull trust rather than doubt in policing methods... I was doing a policing subject at university and it was obvious to me that educationally and the structure of policing has maybe gone backwards ... and yet what you see on the surface of all the media and propaganda is not what is the truth of the experience... police officers still abuse each other - especially female officers are abused just like in all the forces...

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Thanks for posting ~ I agree 100% with everything you say. Hear-hear!!<br />
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I don't know why other members did not comment ~ maybe they feel different. As you said, adults and children should be taught to take responsibility for their actions.

not just children ... they are only learning,,, so should old people too in what they do to mess up the young... impressionable minds ... it goes both ways as I see it... adults have a larger responsibilty to kids ... and people should look out for each other ... its not just about responsibilty for own actions but also an ethic of care for each other in a very very reasonable way!