Corporal Punishment Ruled

I went to an all boys grammar school in the late 40s early 50s. CP was dispensed liberally - slipper, strap and, from the Head, the cane. The slipper and strap were always present during class and one bent over and touched toes for one or other for the slightest 'sin'.
The Head was different,, a sadist, who delighted in giving six of the best. Your name would be called out at assembly, have to go to his study, welcomed by his secretary, interviewd and then led into the inner sactum where he dispensed his thrashing.
Once I saw him at work in a classroom, where he caned 4 boys in front of the class brutally. Today he would be locked up for what he was doing!
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I go to a school were the paddle is used quite frequently

Too much corporal punishment suggests some shortcomings in the school. However the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater as now there is nothing between a detention and suspension. Is that progress?

i once ot 5 waks of the slipper in class than 6 of the best w/ the cane and then my older brother beat me for 30 min with a hair brush hand woodspoon his belt etc

swearing at a teacher sir

Why did you receive that caning?

the wost caning i ever got was 12 strokes wearas the head master run across the gym to lay on the cane it took about half an hour to finish my caning ,bent over a tressael with arms and legs tied and spread i couldnt sit down propperley for three weeks,and the welts took 6 weeks to dissapear

Tell us a little more please ~ for example, what do you describe as brutally? I also knew some sadistic teachers.

Would love to hear more! I love hearing troe accounts of school CP Email me at I also run a yahoo group on cp reminiscences and have just started a website on the same (with clips from mainstream movies)<br />
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