Corporal Punishment Ruled

I went to an all boys grammar school in the late 40s early 50s. CP was dispensed liberally - slipper, strap and, from the Head, the cane. The slipper and strap were always present during class and one bent over and touched toes for one or other for the slightest 'sin'.
The Head was different,, a sadist, who delighted in giving six of the best. Your name would be called out at assembly, have to go to his study, welcomed by his secretary, interviewd and then led into the inner sactum where he dispensed his thrashing.
Once I saw him at work in a classroom, where he caned 4 boys in front of the class brutally. Today he would be locked up for what he was doing!
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I go to a school were the paddle is used quite frequently

Too much corporal punishment suggests some shortcomings in the school. However the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater as now there is nothing between a detention and suspension. Is that progress?

i once ot 5 waks of the slipper in class than 6 of the best w/ the cane and then my older brother beat me for 30 min with a hair brush hand woodspoon his belt etc

Slipperings were a regular occurrence when I was at school. Almost any misdemeanour could result in bending over for a few whacks of the slipper. I got it loads of times.

Same here. I spent a lot of time at the front of the class bending over or over the desk having a slipper whacked across my arse.

You must have led your teachers a merry dance, being slippered so often? The slipper or plimsoll certainly made an impression on my arse. There was always a hush and air of expectancy when someone was called to the front, elevated even more when this one particular teacher chalked a question mark on the plimsoll's sole, that was embarrassing, I had to wait until I got home to remove it. I suppose it added a bit of humour, unless it was your arse asking the question.

I was always messing about in some classes, mainly those subjects that didn't interest me but I got a few slipperings in lessons I did like too.

I know what you mean about the air of expectancy, everyone paid attention when a slippering was in progress. It was about the only time some teachers got the entire class' undivided attention.

In a lot of cases, there was more than just one called out. Talking in class got both parties slippered and usually a few of us got it for not doing homework on time.

That must have been a teachers nemesis talking in class and not doing homework. Both were responsible for getting me my first slippering. Firstly around two thirds of the class (me included) hadn't done our homework, then the teacher spotted me talking.

Talking in class or "not paying attention" and not doing homework must have accounted for the vast majority of classroom slipperings. Every time we got homework, it was odds on that some of us would be slippered for not doing it. The only thing that varied was how many of us hadn't done it.

I reckon smoking accounted for the majority of canings.

Yes, not paying attention was one of the main reasons to be given a slippering. It was a mystery how I was never slippered for that, as I often would drift into my own world. Talking and eating sweets were two reasons I was slippered though. Swings and rounder-bouts I suppose.
Smoking certainly did account for the majority of caning's, plus any misdemeanour to or from school, viewed bringing down the school's name. Some of the teacher's managed that feat, without our help.

Most of my classroom slipperings were for talking in class or not doing homework on time (or at all ;) ). "Not paying attention" was usually due to being engaged in conversation with a classmate so the two offences were the same really.

Canings were mainly for smoking and going out of bounds but, as we went out of bounds to find somewhere for a quiet smoke, those two offences amounted to the same thing too.

My first slippering was for talking in class. I felt embarrassed walking out to the front of the class. I was unsure really what to expect, and found it stung more than I had anticipated. Did you find this too?

I can't remember exactly what I got my first school slippering for but I know I was called out with another girl. As there were two of us, I didn't really feel embarrassed. I got a few slipperings with others before I got my first "solo" and, by then, there wasn't anything to be embarrassed about.

I'd had the slipper several times at home before I got it at school. If anything, my first school slippering stung less than I anticipated because I always got it bare at home and usually more whacks too.

From the amount of whackings you received there couldn't have been many boring moments while you were around. That would go entirely against some peoples views of girls behaviour, but then, I don't listen to some peoples views, especially when it's utter rubbish.

Two of my slipperings were really painful, as a green Dunlop flash was used. You maybe unfamiliar with these plimsolls? They were heavier than the normal plimsoll. I suppose I should have thanked that teacher, as he was using his very own plimsoll. lol.

Some deluded fools think girls are all sugar and spice. They think the Earth is flat too. Girls misbehave at least as much as boys but we're allowed to get away with a lot more. A lot of teachers will openly admit that it's much harder to control girls than it is to control boys.

I've heard of green Dunlop flash (or should it be Dunlop green flash?). I wouldn't be surprised if I've had one whacked across my arse at some time but I can't say for definite. My teachers just used whatever slippers they could get from the lost property box. They were usually well worn, highly flexible and very stingy!

I have heard that girls are harder to control than boys at school. I bet where the deterrent is the same for both sexes, the behaviour would be the same in general?

I remember giving out a little grunt, or other utterance from the Dunlop green flash, so that may jog your memory as to if you have had the pleasure of receiving one?
We had to wear plimsolls inside the school building, so on some occasions the teacher borrowed someone who had the largest foot. The teacher that used his Dunlop green flash on me openly admitted to the class he always chose a well worn plimsoll, as they stung the most. (very thoughtful of him)
I have heard a good many schools used the lost property box to obtain their slippers, I believe a few did at my school.

The main reason teachers find girls harder to control is because many aren't willing to try. All we need do is turn on the waterworks and male teachers especially will instantly feel sorry for us - even if we have just burnt down the school.

I known some schools even exempted girls from CP so when a teacher told them to behave they'd just tell him or her to **** Off. I personally know women who went to schools like that and they're quite open about how badly behaved they were. There are similar stories on various forums all over the web. They don't always mention those exact words but the idea is the same. If I had spoken to my teachers like that, I'd have been severely caned.

In general, in very rough terms, if boys and girls face the same punishments their behaviour is about the same but it's not that simple. CP can be a greater deterrent to girls.

Giving a little grunt as a slipper slammed home wasn't unusual, it didn't matter what type of slipper was used. We didn't have to wear plimsolls in school but teachers always seemed to be able to find a slipper from somewhere whenever they wanted one.

I think if either of us had spoken to a teacher like that we would have been made an example of. I still feel CP should be one form of punishment open to use by teachers, with no restrictions on the students sex. There should be stringent safeguards in place, to eliminate abuse. Detention and lines can have a very negative effect, causing resentment and frustration, festering up, sitting writing pointless repetitive waffle, or just sitting watching the clock.

We would have faced severe consequences for speaking to teachers like that but what could a teacher do it those consequences weren't available? Most those girls wouldn't have cared about being expelled, it would just be a holiday for them. It wouldn't look good on the school either if they expelled too many girls.

I agree CP should be available, with safeguards to prevent abuse. That was the problem, there was far too much abuse.

The teachers hands would be tied, they would be faced with a no win situation. I believe some issues boils down to respect, but that has to be a two way avenue. Respect is earned, with a two tier system where punishments are unequal it couldn't be anymore obvious, respect just couldn't exist.

That was my point. Teachers had backed themselves into a corner.

Respect goes a long way to keeping order in a school. If you treat children like animals, they'll behave like animals. Applying unequal punishments shows a lack of respect because they were treating one worse than the other. That's what caused most of the more serious behaviour problems such as bullying and vandalism in some schools.

Did you consider any of your caning's or slipperings to be abusive? I can imagine a male teacher slippering a girl might enjoy it, whereas a female teacher slippering a boy could feel the same way. If the punishment was totally justified enjoying themselves or not wouldn't be what I call abuse. Of course that is my opinion, some would disagree. I had one slippering where the offence was made up as an excuse. I had 4 slipperings from this particular teacher and I knew he enjoyed it.The made up offence is what I would termed as abuse.

No, all my slipperings and canings were well deserved and never excessive. I never considered whether the teacher enjoyed it but I think my PE teacher might have, she was very fond of using her slipper.

As you say, if the punishment is justified, it doesn't matter if the teacher enjoys doing.

All but the one slippering were well deserved too, in fact if all my misdemeanours had been detected I would have had quite a few more. I wouldn't say my whackings were excessive either. The tram lines from the six of the best school caning took around two weeks to finally disappear. I expect I may have had a few red marks from the plimsoll, but I never checked.

Who would you consider whacked the hardest with the cane? Also with the slipper?
I would say my Deputy Head, caned the hardest, but he caned on the hand. I was never caned on my hand. There were two teachers who I would say slippered the hardest, I only was slipper by one of these, but some who were punished by both said the guy that slippered me had a slight edge.

Only the Headmaster and Deputy Headmistress used the cane. Neither of them used all their strength but I think the Deputy Headmistress caned harder.

The PE mistress slippered the hardest - she left every other teacher standing in the slippering stakes in both force and frequency. If slippering were an Olympic event, she'd have won gold every time!

Some of out classroom teachers used the cane, but the vast majority used the slipper. I was whacked on the arse by a metre long board ruler, which was nothing to fear, it made more noise than had a physical effect.

How many times did your PE Mistress slipper you? I bet you thought "oh no" when you realized she was about to slipper you? Would you say she needed just the slightest of reasons to use her slipper?

I only ever got or saw the slipper used in class. Some teachers might have used a ruler but I'm sure none used a cane.

I lost count of how many times the PE mistress slippered me, it seemed she was always slippering someone. She'd slipper us for the slightest things that any other teacher would hardly consider warning us about - maybe just an "ahem". In her class the same sort of minor transgression would result in being bent over for a couple of whacks with the slipper.

I can't remember exactly what I thought when I was up for it, probably something like, "oh no, not again".

She often slipper several of us or the whole class together. We all had to bend over in a row and wait as she went along slippering each of us. You can imagine the feeling as you heard the slipper getting closer.

In those circumstances I wouldn't have felt the centre of attention, where I was slippered alone at the front of the class. I can certainly understand your feeling as the whapp of that plimsoll got louder.

Your PE mistress and my wife's Deputy Headmistress had very similar views on using the slipper. I'm uncertain if your PE mistress slippered boys too? My wife's Deputy Headmistress was the only teacher who used CP on the girls, and the vast majority of that was the slipper. On average she slippered 3 girls a week. If the term lasted 40 weeks a year she could have slippered over 120 girls a year. How does that figure compare to that of your PE mistress? Three a week doesn't sound much, but the years total does.

Being the only one out at the front being slippered can be a bit embarrassing. It was better if there were 2 or 3 of us getting it. Being bent over in a line, waiting the be slippered isn't embarrassing but hearing the "whapp" of the slipper and the gasps and yelps of the others is a bit nerve wracking. Sometimes she'd go along the line 3 times giving us 2 each time. We had to stay bent over, with our bottoms ablaze, until she'd given us all 6 each.

She slippered boys too and their PE master slippered us. We were (meant to be) in single sex groups but we shared a sports barn and field. We did have a few mixed games lessons and we all did cross-country together.

You wife's Deputy Headmistress sounds like a pussycat compared to my PE mistress. My gut feeling is that she slippered more like 3 girls per lesson - it definitely seemed like that! She slippered my entire class (25-30) a few times. At your wife's DHM's rate, that's about 10 weeks worth each time.

If you had to be slippered being slippered with the whole class would have been preferable, if not fun. I was only slippered on my own. I have seen a group slippered while we were waiting to enter the canteen. (probably the thought of eating that pig-swill was too much for them to handle)

On reflection it does sound as though my wife's DHM was a "pussycat" in comparison to your PE mistress, but my wife's DH only slippered the girls sent to her. I'm sure had she been in the position of your PE mistress the rate would have gone up considerably. I bet every time you entered her lesson a slippering was expected? My wife was pulled up a few time by her DHM with "that skirt is far too short girl," and told to follow her and handed two elastic bands to tie up her hair in pig-tails.

Not all schools treated both sexes fairly, there isn't a reason why girls should be exempt CP. It appears both male and female teachers at your school didn't make an exception for the sex, just the bad behaviour. If that is wrong so is fairness.

I'm not sure if being slippered with the whole class can really be called "fun" but it wasn't as daunting as being on your own.

You're right about our PE lessons. It wasn't a question of whether any of us would get the slipper, it was just how many and which of us.

I was frequently pulled up for my skirt being too short, wearing make-up and not having my hair tied back too.

Several pathetic excuses have been made for exempting girls from CP but the best argued one I've ever seen basically came down to the teachers being perverts. I can't remember the exact reasoning but it was along the lines of how they couldn't be using it to keep order. If they were, why would they only want to keep order among half the pupils? There had to be some other reason. The most likely is to satisfy their sadistic urges so they refrained from abusing girls to avoid arousing suspicion. Treating boys and girls unfairly also increased misbehaviour so helped ensure a regular supply of bottoms to whack.

I know I haven't put it very well but that's the essence of the argument. When I thought about it, it made perfect sense.

Thinking back to when I was at school, there was a lot of misbehaviour but nothing serious like today.

The thought of being slippered in a group had a certain dark humour to me.

It made little difference to my wife being told about the length of her skirt, or her hair being shoulder length and not tied back. Nail varnish was another of her DHM's pet hates. Did it make any difference to you?

You put that over very well, and yes, it does make perfect sense. I went to an all boys secondary school, but I mixed with plenty of girls. They were just as capable of misbehaviour, or fun however it's interpreted. I know from personal experience boys were whacked by perverted teachers, so that's a major part of your argument held up. In a mixed school by excluding girls CP but not boys you can only draw the conclusion of they enjoyed whacking boys. If I had been at such a school I would have felt unfairly treated, and if there is no respite in sight resentment would set in, and the feeling would be "what's the use of bothering."

Some of the behaviour in schools today is out of hand. It's absolutely ridiculous when the school half-wit is followed as an hero cult figure. There are some really nice kids around too. You can appeal and reason all day with some, with no success, that is when CP can have its merit.

Being pulled up over the length of my skirt etc. made no difference to me. When I was given elastic bands to tie my hair up I let it loose again as soon as I was out of sight. Same with washing make-up off - it gave me an opportunity to skive off in the toilets for a while. It takes an awfully long time to get make-up off. ;)

You had to really push it to get a slippering for those types of offences and I don't know of anyone getting the cane for them.

The argument why teachers who exempted girls from CP wasn't mine. I just agree with it. One of the pathetic excuses put forward is that girls don't misbehave. Whoever believes that must be deaf, blind, and totally stupid!

The resentment you said would set in by being treated unfairly was part of what caused increased misbehaviour. Girls misbehaved a lot more as well because they would always be let off no matter what they did.

Most kids respond well if they're shown a bit of respect. Modern teachers are finding that. It's the "old school" lot who treat kids like scum that have most of the problems.

I can honestly say I've never had to remove make-up, but I once smoked and know how long it takes to smoke a couple of ****. ;)

It matters not who's argument it was, it makes perfect sense to me. It shows we can see further than some narrow minded people?

That is so true, show kids, or anyone respect and the response is they show you respect. I obviously can't speak on your behalf but if I'm treated with disrespect I react in a very abrasive manner. I would imagine you make your feelings known too.;)

You must have been one of those good boys who never broke the rules on make-up. ;)

I only pointed out that the argument, showing how teachers who exempted girls from CP must have been perverts, wasn't mine because I didn't want to take any credit for it. It was very well put, a lot better than I could have put it.

If I'm treated with disrespect I can be very awkward. Kids become accustomed to being treated with disrespect so showing respect for them usually works wonders. It's strange but even when I was up for the slipper or cane, I didn't feel I was being treated disrespectfully. I'd been caught and was being punished for it, there was nothing personal about it.

That's how CP should work, you'd have been a hypocrite if you thought along the lines of being exempt for something someone else would have been whacked for, and I don't see hypocrisy in your make up, from how you express yourself. I had no respect for the teacher who slippered me 4 times, but the teacher who gave me six of the best, then, on another occasion the slipper, I did respect. I think he liked me, but that didn't stop him from whacking me.

I won't be disrespectful to you then, not that I'd want to be anyway. ;)

I've found girls are less likely to be bitter and hold a grudge from being whacked at school. One example is my wife telling me the slipper brought her back into line, as she was becoming haughty, arrogant and unmanageable.

A lot of boys are bitter not simply because they were whacked but because they were and girls were let off. There weren't any schools where girls were whacked and boys let off so girls have less to be bitter about.

I would have been bitter if I had been whacked for something that boys were let off for.

You have a valid point, because the ratio of boys whacked compared to girls were far higher. It's ridiculous to say girls are better behaved, quite frankly they aren't. Same misdemeanour should mean the same punishment for all.

I was making the point where both sexes have been whacked, the vast majority of girls didn't seemed hold a grudge against that teacher. This brings us back to the starting point of perhaps the degree of offence the girls committed was greater, before it was deemed she should be whacked?

If you take a random group of boys, some of them would have been whacked when girls were let off. In a random group of girls, none are likely to have been whacked when boys were let off so the average girl is less likely to feel bitter about it than the average boy.

It's a different matter if they all came from schools where they were treated equally. If the girls are less likely to hold a grudge, it could be because, as you say, they only got whacked when they really went over the top in the misbehaviour stakes.

I didn't get treated leniently but I wasn't treated harshly either so I don't hold a grudge against my former teachers. Even though the PE mistress was very fond of using her slipper, she didn't treat us more harshly than she treated the boys - she just had more opportunity to slipper us.

I have heard of schools that only allowed females teachers to whack the girls, and male teachers to whack the boys. We had just two female teachers at my school and one of those used a slipper.

Your PE mistress seemed to get quite a bit of use from her slipper, was the general opinion from both sexes one of dread when they were before her for a slippering? Some slipperings I have seen were quite tame affairs, but that has been off-set with some quite painful whackings. Mine was no picnic, it took some restraint to stop me coming out with a mouthful. Did you ever come close to swearing during a whacking?

I've heard that quite a lot of schools only allowed female teacher to whack girls but not so many that only allowed male teachers to whack boys. It was more common for female teachers to be allowed to whack both boys and girls but male teachers could only whack boys.

Both sexes feared our PE mistress equally. As far as I know, nobody was actually sent to her for a slippering but she'd prowl the school seeking out victims and would even "offer" to deal with miscreants on behalf of another teacher. For example, I might be caught running in the corridor by some teacher. Usually that would mean being take to a nearby classroom for a couple of fairly mild whacks but, if she appeared she "offer" to deal with me there and then. She always had a slipper with her so I'd be bent over in the corridor for 3 or 4 real stingers.

Most slipperings I saw or received were quite tame affairs but some, including those from the PE mistress, were a lot more serious. There were a few times I felt like yelling out some obscenity when I was being whacked but I never did.

I've heard many schools prohibited male teachers from whacking girls. The reason given was male teachers hit much harder than their female counterparts. From the description you give of your PE mistress certainly throws that theory, into disarray. My wife wouldn't agree either as she went to bed still with red slipper marks from her DH.

I wouldn't have dared yelling obscenities, but they sure was uttermost in my mind. If I had been at your school I very likely would have found out first hand how hard your PE mistress hit. I can't imagine she would have been very popular? Did many attempt to talk their way out of a whacking, or was that futile?

The idea that male teachers hit much harder than female teachers is BS in my experience. In general, female teachers hit a lot harder than male teachers. My PE mistress was probably stronger than most men too. It was like female teachers felt they had something to prove.

Not many girls, nor boys, escaped a taste of my PE mistress's slipper, most of us felt it several times over the course of our time at school. She was not a popular teacher.

Trying to talk our way out of a whacking was, usually, futile. Most slipperings, from other teachers, were quite tame affairs anyway so it was far easier to just bend over and get it over with.

I too have heard female teachers hit harder that a male in a lot of cases, as you say they may feel they've something to prove. I also think a woman has to work harder than a man to get to the top, so they mostly have to be better at their jobs. I believe a higher percentage of men are physically stronger than a woman, I have been surprised at the strength of some women, my wife's parents are exceptionally strong, she's followed that path and is likely stronger than your average man.

Would you say your PE mistress was unfair? I have seen teachers that were very strict, but fair. It is probably getting the right balance. If you have a teacher that is weak, the likelihood is mayhem in their lessons.

I have seen teachers that sometime didn't hit their intended target properly with a plimsoll, unfortunately I wasn't one of these victims, the full sole of the plimsoll hit me. There was a certain technique in the use of the slipper, I'd say from the amount of victims your PE mistress whacked she had it down to a fine art. :)

I wouldn't say my PE mistress was unfair, just very strict. She'd slipper us for quite minor things that other teachers might just give a warning or mild dressing down for. Some teachers were able to keep control of a class more easily than others and only rarely had to issue any punishments.

My PE mistress was an expert with the slipper, I never knew of her ever making a hash of slippering anyone - every one a stinger. :(

Some teachers just had that way with them of generating respect. There are some who should have never gone into the teaching profession, as they weren't suitable to command respect.

I was aware of "everyone a stinger" as I'm sure my teacher enjoyed every stinger he gave me. :-(

I expect some attempted the water works when confronted with your PE mistress and her plimsoll? From your description of her it probably would have fell on deaf ears? My philosophy was "lets get this over with as fast as possible." I came close once but I would have hated to have to wait until the next day knowing I was to be whacked, or even worse over the weekend. Did you ever experience this?

A few girls tried the waterworks trick but it never worked so most of them gave up. In the case of the PE mistress and a few other teachers, it could even makes things worse for them because they hated "cry babies". My philosophy was much the same as yours - bend over and get it over with.

I don't recall ever having to wait (other than in a queue) having been told I was going to be whacked but there were a few times when I was caught misbehaving and told to report to the Head. or the teacher later. Most times, but not always, I did get a whacking. I was also sometimes told to wait after class to be "dealt with". Although not explicitly stated, that usually meant a slippering too.

They say waiting is the worst part. I'm not so sure, the waiting wasn't pleasant but nor was the whacking itself.

When I was in a queue, I tried to ignore what was happening but I never had much success. There was always some part of me that wanted to know what the others were getting so I had some idea of what I was in for. Being bent over in a line didn't seem as bad. Sure, I heard the slipper getting closer and the occasional yelp from those one getting it but not seeing it made it a bit easier to ignore. I always tried to see the facial reaction of the boy or girl next to me when it came to their turn though.

My feelings were completely different when it was my BF bent over next to me. That happened quite a lot, we were always getting into trouble together. ;)

I had to wait outside the classroom for two thirds of the lesson for a six stroke caning at the end of the lesson. I had a good idea what was to befall me, but I was grateful the Headmaster hadn't found me standing in the corridor.

My actual slipperings were long drawn out affairs, as the teacher relished the ritual. He was very pedantic everything had to be so. So was my wife's DH. There were many similarities between them.

Out teachers didn't have there own studies, they administered the slipper in the classroom. If there was a group of us being slippered, there was no point making us wait our turn outside because the wall between the classroom and the corridor was mostly glass so anyone outside had a clear view in.

Our slipperings weren't drawn out affairs, they we usually over pretty quickly. We our turn came, it was just a matter of lift skirt, bend over and get slippered. Most teachers seemed to want to get it over with as quickly as we did.

We only had to queue outside the office when we were sent to the Head. to be caned.

Our teachers didn't have their own studies either, so slipperings were mostly carried out in the classroom. I was slippered a couple of times in an empty classroom, once after the lesson, the other at first break. Some were slippered in the corridor while waiting for the canteen to open. I also had a slippering in the room used for the gym equipment, very apt as a gym shoe
was used. :-)

It was quite obvious this particular teacher enjoyed using the slipper that much he liked to drag it out. My wife's DH was exactly the same. It was also an attempt to make us sweat it out and reflect on our bad behavour.

Your teachers were privileged if you had to lift you own skirt, my wife's DH did the job for her. I can say without contradiction I never encountered this. :-)

We were sometimes told to see the teacher after class or report to him/her at break/lunchtime/after school. That usually meant a slippering. Slipperings in the corridor happened but were quite rare because teachers didn't habitually carry slippers with them. For misbehaving in the corridor (e.g. running) we'd usually be taken into a nearby classroom and slippered. That could be a bit embarrassing in 6th form - especially if the class was full of 1st or 2nd years.

When we had to queue for the slipper or cane, we got it on a first come, first served basis. Sometimes in class, 2 or 3 of us might be bent over together to be slippered and, in the gym, it could be considerably more, even the whole class.

There wasn't enough room in most classrooms for more than 3 of us to be bent over together. In both cases, we had to remain bent over until everyone in the line had been slippered. If we tried to stand up before we were told to, we got extra.

As far as I know, teachers supplied their own plimsolls - probably mostly from the lost property box.

It was always more interesting when a goody-goody got the slipper. :)

There wasn't a lot of spare space in any of our classroom, just a bit by the side of the teacher's desk big enough for 3 or, at a pinch 4, of us to bend over together. It was quite rare for more than 2 to be called out together anyway, that usually only happened when we were being slippered for not doing homework on time and in those cases most teachers slippered us one by one.

Our teachers were better prepared than your trainee gym mistress - they never had to search for a suitable slipper. :(

When we were called to the front and the teacher picked up the slipper as we were making our way there, it was obvious what we were in for. The only phrase I remember any teacher using then was "It's the slipper for you (my) girl/boy - bend over!"

I bet you could hear a pin drop when your teacher came out with those words?

When you were called out and the teacher was attempting to find out which boy was wearing the largest plimsoll, gave a very good indication what was going to happen. :-) What I wasn't too happy with was the one time the teacher chalked a question mark on the sole of the plimsoll, so I walked around all day with a question mark on my arse.

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swearing at a teacher sir

Why did you receive that caning?

the wost caning i ever got was 12 strokes wearas the head master run across the gym to lay on the cane it took about half an hour to finish my caning ,bent over a tressael with arms and legs tied and spread i couldnt sit down propperley for three weeks,and the welts took 6 weeks to dissapear

Tell us a little more please ~ for example, what do you describe as brutally? I also knew some sadistic teachers.

Would love to hear more! I love hearing troe accounts of school CP Email me at I also run a yahoo group on cp reminiscences and have just started a website on the same (with clips from mainstream movies)<br />
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