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Boarding School Smacks

I went to boarding school in england from 5 until i was 16.Corporal punishment was used daily for misdemeanors of any kind.The school was strict,we were there to get an education not to mess around.In class if we had done something wrong that required correction we would be called to the front of class & made to bend over a chair,the teacher would then flip your skirt up & smack your bottom over your underwear.This was how we were punished from the age of 5 until we were 10.Once we reached 10 we were smacked with a slipper.
We had a dorm mistress who was in charge of us after school time & when we were in bed,she was fierce.If we misbehaved she would have no hesitation in putting you over her knee & smacking your bare bottom til it was bright red,as we got older we had to bend over the end of our beds,there were 10 girls in each dorm & it was'nt unusual for 5 or 6 of us to be bent over the bed with our bare bottoms on show ready to be smacked.
If we had recieved 3 or more punishments in a week we were sent to the headmistress on a Friday after classes.She was kept busy most Fridays as there always seemed to be girls from every year waiting outside her office.She would call all the girls in from a particular year & we had to watch while each of the others got smacked.She would bend us over her chair & smack our bare bottoms with either her hand,slipper or strap depending on how old you were,we were then sent into an ajoining room where we would have to stand facing the wall for an hour,we could hear the other girls getting smacked through the wall. I met with the head many times during the years at the school. We were better behaved for recieving CP at school & it did make you think twice about being disruptive or misbehaving.IMO they should bring it back into schools you would'nt have half the problems in schools if there was a deterrent.
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It was a fine school with no illusions about girls be sweet as honey or just well behaved by their very nature. Such things are learned the hard way with much effort and experience. Why did it ever stop?

Good Q, Mary!
Fortunately it can still be find in some countries and certain situations.

None of my teachers were under any illusions about girls being well behaved either - we made sure of that! ;) Most would have said we were worse than the boys which, in some ways, we were.

We had the same experience, Judy.

sorry didnt mean to post that question twice

Can you tell us the name of your school

what was your school called?

Hi, I liked your story, it reminded me of my time in school, I was something like a frequent customer of the whip, there was no week when I got into a mess and the priests whipped my ***, if you can read my story.

Hi Peter., welcome you southern hemisphere guy. I'm from South Africa where the cane was part of the education system.

Negadbare, you are correct. I also had my dose of the cane.

I have heard of this happening before many years ago. What sxhool was this? Surely it being ancient history now it doesnt really matter what the name was?<br />
I went to redlands grammar in australia another school in the 80's that used the cane more than once daily

I'm glad to see you dealt with "gabyhorse" appropriately. With very few exceptions, life in most English public (i.e. private) schools in the mid 20th century was still much as you describe, except that in boys' schools the cane was far more prevalent than the slipper or bare hand. I was in trouble within a month of arriving at my school aged 11, and was given six strokes of the cane for my trouble. Boys were not, in fact, caned all that often because they took good care not to be - I was a rebellious boy and even so I don't think I was ever caned more than twice in a term. There was never any compunction in stripping older boys for a bare bottom caning, and that's what we expected. I have come across doubters too, but we know how it was and people either believe or they don't.

"gabyhorse" doesn't know what he's talking about. I was attended an English state about the school about the same time as smackedboarder and the cane was still in regular use there. I got it and the slipper several times.

S/Sandie, I had the same experience.

S/B, thanks for the story.<br />
<br />
Ukshaver, You are spot-on!

what was the name of the school?

All I can add was that I was also in a fee paying private school - and judging by the age bracket of smackedboarder - we were at school at about the same time.<br />
I was caught and punished a few times and know of many others who were dealt with in the same way.<br />
My only argument is that on a number of occasions the girls seemed to get away with things that us boys got punished for.<br />
Once dealt with - the school and pupil were expecte to move on. Crime committed, punished and closed. My parents never started the punishment again - but certainly let me know that it was my fault....other than on one occasion when my protestations of innocence were backed up by parents and questioned to the school.....<br />
I also believe its an ultimate point of discipline that the schools lack. Teachers now can do nothing to sanction kids that are BADLY behaved. It should only ever be used as the end-stop and never by the teacher who was impacted.

B.S <br />
What "school" was this fakeboarder? St.MrsPalmerandherfivedfaughters?

No its not BS,it was a fee paying private school.Sorry you obviously have no inclination af what private boarding schools were like but i can assure you it was very real.Consider yourself blocked.

I have always believed when a teacher has whacked you, that should be an end to it. A parent should leave it at that and not continue the punishment at home.<br />
<br />
So your headmistress certainly kept herself fit with you lol. <br />
My wife was punished by her headmistress, like you, bent over a chair. She didn't have her knickers lowered though, just her skirt lifted for the slipper.

Ah but if you'd been a male, become a conservative member of Parliament or high flying business man........

Maybe,but thats something we'll never know,lol.

i guess this is why so many 'boarders' and public schools folks get their kicks from visitng 'madams' who continue to administer CP!

well i don't!!

All very true, smackedboarder. I knew one young lady who'd been sent to several convents while her parents were abroad and got herself expelled from every one until they found an establishment where the nuns began to apply the back of a hairbrush to young Sue's bottom.<br />
<br />
My own girlfriend Pauline went to a day school but she still had to behave herself particularly when she was in school uniform. She'd go down to the town coffee bar of a lunch and put a bit of lippy on, and once she got caught scrumping apples and got hauled before the Headmistress.

I hated that headmistress.I could accept getting a smacked bottom from my parents but not from the teachers,lol.I was in the headmistresses office at least every 2 weeks,i made it worse for myself though cos when my Dad got my end of term report he smacked my bottom so hard i did'nt misbehave for the whole of the holidays! Well at least a few days,lol.

That was EXACTLY how Pauline felt. She kinda respected her father but not the teachers. And as you say back then a gal regularly got punished twice for the same offence and once her father read Pauline's school report he'd put her straight over his knee with her bottom in the air and her face staring at the carpet.