The Hockey Field

We were out on the hockey field being put through our paces by Miss Winton. As second years, it wasn't unusual for us not to wear a gym skirt outside, but just our knickers. About twenty minutes from the end I managed to hit another girl on the head with my stick (she shouldn't have been lying on the ground with her head next to the ball.) Miss Winton hit the roof with me, the result being I had to bend over there and then and with her gripping her stick for another onslaught on my bottom. She gave me six sizzling cracks across my knickers which left me marked for days to come and the inevitable floods of tears. I later found out to my embarrasment I had been positioned allowing pupils and teachers near some classroom windows to get a clear view of my punishment and was ribbed relentlessly by some boys for weeks afterwards.
After the punishment was over she made me continue with the games period which was great difficulty.
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Our games mistress had a penchant for giving us the slipper. I got it several times on the sports field.

It was a bit embarrassing but it was so common we got used to it. There was always a crowd of interested spectators whenever someone was getting it in the playground or on the sports field.

I was often the one, or one of those, getting it too. Some liked to watch your reaction and others the impact. I preferred watching form the side as there was a chance of seeing both.

Spectators had to be careful what they said with some teachers as they could easily find themselves on the receiving end as well. I fell foul of that a few times myself. The games mistress was especially bad for that because she was always looking for some excuse to use her slipper. A slippering or two could easily become a group slippering when she was doing it.

I tried to avoid yelling when I was getting it, I didn't want to give the teacher the satisfaction.