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Naked Rooster (Murga) Punishment Part 2 (**** Torture)

Continued from my story series My naked Rooster (Murga) punishment part -1,  the attached pics were taken about five days after **** beating by English teacher (read story given below for details) also see under pictures - pics titled distorted penis after severe beating of penis by English Teacher mentioned in this story

Once in grade 11, I was then 16 years old, I was given punishment by my teacher to stand nude in the corner for not doing holiday homework (Christmas holiday form 25 dec to 2 jan in India), though it was very cold as the month was January, but to escape beating it was the easiest way, other boys who did not accept nude punishment was given 20-40 hard strokes of spankings in Rooster Punishment position with copper wire on their *** with underwear down. I thought it is useless to receive spanking in Rooster position as everything is visible (*** hole and testis is visible and some part of ****  and when boys jump in pain most part of **** is also visible). However they were to be released after the end of period. Girls who did not complete homework was given two strike of ruler on each hand (in our school girls were given very mild punishment), so out of total 6 boys four accepted canning and two including me the naked standing for the 15 days, (other four boys would have accepted naked punishment but because of high cold - min temp ranging between 5-6 they choose canning because they have also done nude punishment before)

in naked punishment when a boys reached school then he straight went to headmistress room and hand over all the cloths including underwear then staying nude for the whole day, including attending of morning assembly and other things without cloths, in other words, a boy get back his cloths only when school finishes, in the next day at morning assembly I noticed that we were the only two boys who selected nude punishment maybe because it was extreme cold or other reason

it was very cold but we were far better than those boys as they could not sit because of extreme pain, I remember that they could not sit easily for atleast one week

this incident happened about three days after the start of punishment, I was standing alonngwith other boy naked in the corner and it was english period, our english teacher was around 22 and very strict. when she was reading a chapter a girl (aged 16) from 12th grade came to our class for giving some paper to the teacher, as the girl was approaching towards the teacher, her leg slipped and she fell on the floor flat with face down, when she fell, her skirt went above her hips and that exposed her white underwear (little bit sagged into the ***). when I saw her ***, I developed sudden erection, though I suddenly react to help her up as she fell near to me. but teacher went very angry as I got erection (though I got erection at that age on the average of 40-45 min and last for about 10-15 min and my size was about 3 normal and about 6 erected) in that way.
So after the girl became normal she asked the girl, that boy looked at you in a wrong way and got erection as a result so he must be punished and asked her how many strokes of ruler she want (as she was in pain because of injury and embarrassed and the way teacher asked her must have added her embarrassment) so the girl said 10 strokes. then teacher said that it is not enough but as u wish, then teacher said to girl that you hit 10 and I hit 10 hard strokes and these will be on his penis as this was the real culprit (I was still erect at that time).
My hands were tied with a window grill and the girl started hitting on my erect penis, as she held penis in hand I noticed that there were shine in her eyes and started hitting it with a ruler (I was also told not to cry otherwise stroke will be repeated), when the first stroke landed on my penis I wriggled in pain, I said sorry but it was useless, then 2nd 3rd, on 6th stroke she accidentally hit her own hand along with my penis a little bit and she said ouch, teacher noticed that and said that it was my mistake and it must be compensated with restarting from beginning, though I was also wriggling in pain. This time before starting again the girl squeezed my balls hard and teacher suggested her not to hold **** as it is already erect, now the girl hit me with more force. By the time she finished my **** was red and swelled and I was in extreme pain, tears were flowing from eyes, now it was the turn of teacher, first she also  twisted my erect penis and testis. I wriggled more in pain and said sorry for which she said I need lesson as how to respect woman and started hitting with full force (much more powerful than girl).
The girl left our class with thanks to the teacher, after about 10 min I noticed that my penis was swelled more than three times the normal and I could not felt my penis, it felt only when pressed. In the lunch time I was told to stand near water cooler holding placard - I will respect woman, which was more shameful than being nude and everyone came to see my swelled penis and shocked, it was very humiliating as everyone's focus was my penis. urination was very painful because of swelling
Next day in morning assembly I was called on stage and headmistress told all the boys to respect women otherwise they would be punished in that way (now it swelled about 4 times than normal in girth) and held it in hand and squeezed tightly, I cried in pain and announced that that boy will remain nude till he is studying in this school, and gave me 20 hard spanking with copper wire on *** and gave me Rooster (Murga) punishment for the whole day
and instructed class monitor to hit 1 stroke for first time, 2 for second and so on hard strokes of cane whenever my hip got down and no water/lunch/toilet break, class monitor gave me more than 21 strokes during the day and she was hitting at already injured parts only. that day I remained in Rooster (Murga) punishment for 7 complete hours (8 a.m to 3 p.m), it was a very difficult day for me
As instructed I remained nude for the remaining session (in india session is april to march) and in class 12 as well and enjoyed my nudity most of the time.
my story with some other day and incident shall remain continued..............
murga12 murga12 26-30, M 7 Responses Jan 21, 2012

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It's very painful to hear this story from you. I had never heard about such a worst punishment. How can you manage to stand for 8 a.m to 3 p.m in murga punishment without letting your hip going down. I was given murga punishment and it is vulnerable for me to keep my hips up for more than 5 mins. I respect you very much. Please add me my friend. pls. I want to talk to you.

U r Indian and i am sure u must have heard or even seen many boys who received murga punishment for long duration and probably more than me............In our school long duration ie minimum of half days was the norm so it was not a issue and regarding keeping *** up......after receiving it lots of time it and with fear of *** spanking (when *** got down) it became possible to keep *** up of long duration and rather it was more comfortable that time..........
I have added u
dont forgot to leave comments...........
luv u

hey, wow ! u have gone through with a very pity much painful it would have been to you, when u got beaten on your's never easy to bear any hurt on penis.....i feel sorry for u, unfortunately, i have gone through same punishment, but not so hard like u.......please add me to talk to me.

Dear rish
I have added u. its true that penis beating was the one of the worst punishment I had gone through in my life. I received this punishment about 2-3 times but and many more hits than this but that (mentioned above) was worst.
As u r Indian, I will share u much more details with u as u r aware of our schools and gone through the same plight as mine.

Very nice writing, I would love to be able to see your pics please.

keep in touch will add u soon

I loved your account how your erect penis was beaten by the girl and by your female teacher. I am sure they must have enjoyed watching yuor erected penis swell and distort from the beatings. I suppose they liked to hit the swollen end, as your glans would have been hidden by your foreskin at that age.I like the idea that they beat your glans to make it bigger and swell up to an abormal size and shape.

At that age I dont know whether they were enjoying as they seemed angry to me and I was not mature but now I am also sure they must have enjoyed the show along with whole classroom including boys (I think).

ah i love ur stories plz post more..i wish i was in ur place..being naked infront of others !

Sorry, but those pics look like A **** after it was used with A pump , really you didnt think real kinksters would know !

Ive never had my penis whipped but it sounds like fun. good story.

if it sounds like fun then what yours opinion about my pic taken after five days of penis beating (see my pics)

hey add me, et me also see...