School Sports Day

After the exams were over in my fifth year, we allowed to basically do as we please as we waited to leave and quite a number of us congregated on the tennis courts when they were free. It was during one off our knock abouts that a trainee teacher approached clipboard in hand.

"Anybody here in Derby house?" she asked and stupidly I admitted to it.

She wasn't exactly asking for volunteers for the school sports day she was demanding my assistance by filling one of the vacant slots on her clipboard. I was having non of it and politely told her to sod off, Not impressed by my response we both headed back to the gym. I was expecting to follow this up with a another visit to the headmistress as sixteen year old paying a second visit there in a couple of months, things weren't looking to good for my bottom.

Back in the gym Miss Winton took over.

"Put her down for the cross country it's her favourite." she instructed before ordering me to bend over for her stick.

Once again that strong armed gym mistress punished my tight knickers as the trainee watched my demise. After the expected six cracks and my bottom feeling as if it had exploded I had to admit defeat, mainly because of the promise to repeat the dose should I fail to run the following week

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At my school girls were hardly ever caned but as a boy telling a teacher to sod off would definitely resulted in six of the best so I think it was well deserved and probably never repeated again.

I would have loved to watch that!

Wouldn't another 6 have been better than a run?

She would have made me run afterwards.

I think I would gone on being cheeky enough to get so much spanking I could get out of a run :)

Sounds like you deserved what you got, Ma'am. I was only spanked once as a kid, by my Dad; never at school, though I deserved one many times (both at school & home.)<br />
You say later that your hubby spanks you. Do you also spank him? Most ladies I know don't deserve spanking, but I believe most wives should spank their husbands.<br />
You sound like an interesting lady; I would like to be your friend, please, Ma'am.

HFK, I agree!

Hi guys, you are talking (describing) the caning scenario so spot-on! We got 4-6, depending on the transgression and how many times you already visited the Office. It was difficult to touch toes, b/c one would lose you balance forward with the hard stokes ~ it was better to hold to the desk or a chair.<br />
Yes, how stupid we were ~ made marks on a stick, to compare it the end of the month. The 1 with the most was the boy of the month!

Good Q. Spnbooty!

well seems like u earned that one! Do u get spanked theses days n if so who spanks u ?

I still get spanked by hubby. It a real turnon being across his knee with my knickers down having my bottom spanked or paddled.

yes it is for sure i enjoy spanking a lady otk

As teacher, I agree. Bare spankings was only done in private ~ not hostel or school!

Though I wouldn't propose calling anyone a liar, I always suspect stories of school corporal punishment involving bare bottom spanking/paddling/caning. That's why I trust yours, Ina. It's quite believable that a crusty gym mistress would be in position in a locker room to wear you out in your knickers,. but bare bottom punishment would not have been tolerated even here, in the Bible Belt of the USA. (Though there could be some private church-sponsored schools that MIGHT get away with it----for a time.)

I have never heard from anyone first hand that they were punished on the bare bottom,either boys or girls, but rumours always abounded that somewhere else it was. The only real reference to it was a report from ex pupils at a girls grammar school in northwich that the cane was applied in this manner. It may have been threatened but never happened to anyone I've met

I know that several of of my mates at school were spanked on bare bottom.(btw myself also), some of them quite frequently. But there were only two or three teachers who did that, and they always did it in privateThere were rumors about that, but nothing it was basically abuse, which was absolutely not unusual 40 or50 years ago.But I have to say, that neither myself nor my mates really suffered for their lifetime from this experience, opposed to many victims of real sexual abuse.

It's interesting to here that you managed to earn a bare bottom spanking as I wasn't sure it actually happened. So what exactly happened to lead to these spankings.

Must I say, was a cheeky young lady? B/c = "told her to sod off", was not something that I would have dared to say to a teacher.

I did say it politely

quite correct young lady

I suppose you'd like me to post one?

You are a cheeky young lady, yes?


i do hope your nickers were lowerd second time in two months norty girl

There were no bare bottoms at school for me, even if I deserved it.

you Deserved your bare bottom smacked hard NaughtyGirl

Everbodty wants my bottom bared

Do you think you deserved it?

If I did we all did

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