This Is My Brothers Story Of Punishment In Tutions

Now I was in mid-session of Class 9th & both my tuitions continued at the same time. I was to go to Rita Maam on everyday for Economics & on every weekends to Kamlesh Miss for Chemistry. Both my Maam were quite strict & infact every day I was getting punishments for some reason or the other. If I have done the home work properly that for either un clear handwriting or for some spelling mistake or if for nothing else than for not giving proper attention in the class. Punishment was a definite ritual Rita Maam was more strict & her punishments were humiliating & harsh, like if it is slap it would be a real hard one with quite force & even if she is pulling ears they were really pulled whereas Kamlesh Misses punishments had an erotic underline current. Like when she is pulling ears initially she would start playing with my ears & than suddenly she would start twisting them, similarly she would start slapping slowly & than she would give resounding slaps after a while. Moreover also because of the age factor & also because of the same school somehow I had started enjoying Kamlesh Misses classes & in hearts of hearts was looking forward to the punishments as they all were to some extent sexually pleasing & also the fact that she was very innovative in humiliating punishments. I was also sure some how that one day these punishments would lead to sexual session & I was anticipating & looking forward to it. Now after my last class with Kamlesh Miss when her friend Sangeeta Miss was also present no major incident happened accept my routine punishments of being made a Murga or ear holding in a corner etc etc. Now what was happening was that whenever she use start punishing me I use to start getting excited & also at times use to have erections which she noticed & also quite blatantly pointed it out & also verbally humiliated me on this issue. Now It was Friday & I had a class with her the moment I reached she was sitting on the chair & asked me to sit down & suddenly started asking me few questions about various formulas which I could not answer properly, just across the table she caught hold of my right ear & started pulling it up & down & started saying “ So many times I have taught you all this but you do not seem to paying enough attention & always forget this thing after a while” with that she gave me 4-5 resounding slaps on my cheeks & ordered me to come out & stand in front of her. I came out & to my surprise in spite of me trying to conceal my erection it was quite visible, to my utter shock & embarrassment Kamlesh Miss straight away caught hold of my **** with her left hand through my pants & started squeezing & using a lot of pressure to an extent that I was getting a little doubled up as it was paining a lot but she did not leave it & said” Ok this is apparently the reason for your poor understanding Shame ! I punish you so that you can learn properly & get good marks but you seem to be getting erections out of my punishments. Tell me why ? Answer me why do you get erected whenever Iam punishing you ?” With that she further increased the pressure in her grip & I almost bend down but she did not leave it & again said “ Answer me or I will not leave you “ with great difficulty I said “ I don’t know Maam “ She left my **** & caught hold of my ear & repeated very slowly while twisting my ear in to complete circle “ I___ Do____ Not______ Know ____ Maam, don’t worry you will also come to know & so would I “ with that she gave me 7-9 resounding slaps in one go & than told me to go & sit on my seat. I went back & she started a conversation like :
Miss : Tell me frankly why do you get erected ?
Self : Maam I do not know
Miss : It means when I am punishing you than you are thinking about Me sexually ?
Self : No Miss
Miss : No Miss ! Now first I will have to take care of this problem & than we will proceed further with your studies. Hence I will Take care of this problem on Sunday it self. Now listen to me Carefully & follow my instructions properly. On Sunday you will Report here at sharp 11.00 a.m & you would be wearing a shirt & pants no underwear or Baniyan. Also be prepared for the worst punishments. I will punish you thoroughly & these would extremely shameful, humiliating & strict. It is not compulsory for you to go through them, you may not come on Sunday & may not come again ever because I also might ask you to do certain things sexually, Iam being frank but remember it would not be pleasurable sexual session but could be a humiliatingly sexual punishment class. You might have to do certain things which tomorrow you might regret. Hence think it over & let me know. Choice is yours.
Self : No Miss I will come
Miss : Are you sure
Self : Yes Miss
Miss : Good Brave boy ! Go now & come back on Sunday.
I picked my books & went home. I was a little scared as to what she might ask me to do, but on the same hand was excited to think about it. Any way in spite of having certain apprehensions I still was very keen to go for the class, hence as ordered I reached on Sunday at sharp 11.00 a.m & dressed in just shirts & a pants.
“ Have you followed the instructions? She asked.
“ Yes Miss “ “ Show me stand here & open your two buttons of shirt & open your zip ? I was shocked but opened my shirt & was a bit reluctant to open the zip suddenly she said “ Would you open the zip or should I order you to pull down your trousers” I immediately opened my zip she just gave cursory glance & said “ Ok fine close it & sit down at your seat “ I did that & went back to my seat, Immediately she gave me some work & started reading herself. Today Kamlesh Miss was just freshly bathed & her hair were left open for natural drying & was wearing a jeans & a pink color top. There was also a stool in front of her chair where she had kept her freshly washed & nail polished feet. Today she was wearing red nail polish on her hands & feet’s but was no makeup what so ever & she was not wearing anything in her ears. I looked at her ears & realized she had beautiful ears, long fair with big ear lobes yet fitting perfectly in to the face frame. I was reading my book & the chapter which she had prescribed but was unable to concentrate & she carried on reading her book. After about 10 minutes she closed her book got up & started walking up & down the room & than came & stood behind my back. Suddenly the room was full of tension, she came forward sat on my table facing me picked up my book closed it I was just about to stand, with the finger she ordered me to keep sitting & asked “ Did you study properly , or were just pretending to read “ I said “ Yes Miss “ saying that I realized she was sitting so close to me that I could smell her & that was apparently resulting in to some kind of erection but just a bit, I tried to look some where else but she said “ Look at me have you read properly, if you tell me a lie I will just now take a surprise test & if you have disobeyed me & not read the chapter properly than you should get up hold your ears & stand in front of me & tell me as to what were you thinking instead of reading, choice is yours” Truthfully I got up stood in front of Miss & caught both my ears & looked down. She said “ I know you do not have the guts to tell me but I know , hence ab yahin par Murga Ban jao “ I became a Murga & she kept her feet on my back & started moving it up & down “ Murga bane bane hi about turn ho jao, your hips towards me “ { About Turn As you Are] I did as ordered & she was still sitting on the table, she again kept her left feet on my back & with the right feet she gave me kick with the flat of her feet, it was like a feet slapping on my hips, I somehow balanced myself she again kicked me, & than again & again at least 5-7 times she must have kicked me than she got down & went & sat down on her chair & said “ Come here kneel down in front of me & press & massage my feet” I went near her & sat down on my knees & she kept one of her feet on my right thigh & gave the other one in my hands to massage, I started massaging her feet when in between she said “ I know you have erection & I hope you remember what I said the other day. Ok Now Kiss & lick my feet, Remember when you are licking my feet I want you to lick it properly with the flat of your tongue like a dog & use pressure with your tongue to lick my feet “ with that she caught hold of both my ears & pulled my face down to lick her feet, she did not leave my ears but was guiding me by giving direction to my licking by my ears. After 5-7 minutes she held my face up with my ears & phatak phatak she started slapping my face both sides without any gap i.e. slap right cheek slap left cheek slap right cheek like this she must have give me at least 20 slaps & my face was red with her finger marks as well as was burning. She again caught hold of my ear & made me stand & looked at my **** & said “ Look at your self I am punishing you & you are getting erected, this I want to take care of. Open your zip & show me what erection do you have ?” I was again reluctant she held my ear & with the other hand opened my zip, I was ashamed & shocked but she was adamant, “ Now take it out & hold your ears & stand with your legs spread “ I caught hold of my ears & stood with my legs spread as I had full hard erection I did not want to take it out in her presence but she picked up a ruler from the table “ You will not listen to me like this OK open your pants & let them fall to your ankles “ Listening this I immediately put my hand inside & pulled my erected **** out side & while holding my ears looked down towards the floor suddenly phatak & I felt a current in my **** as she hit me with the wooden ruler on my erected ****, she said “ Aaj is ko Mein ruler se maar maar kar hi bitha doongi{ Today I will make your **** loose its erection with my spanking” with that she started spanking me with ruler on my **** after 5-7 spanks it got deflated & she said “ OK now go to the other room there is my Panty lying on the table pick it up remove all your clothes & just come here in those panties.” I really felt ashamed as I went there removed my clothes & put her panty which was a little too tight & small for me but some how the other I managed to fit my **** inside those panties & covered my modesty a bit though I was feeling totally naked & humiliated & I slowly went near her she started slapping me first with hands every where on my face my back my stomach my hips & also few slaps on my crotch which were quite painful, than she picked up the ruler & beat me thoroughly with the ruler all around. Today ruler spanking was quite painful as she was hitting with full force & than she asked me “ Udhar kone mein jao dono kaan pakdo deewar se naak ragdo or 100 baar uthak baithak karo chalo jaldi se shuru ho jao { Go to that corner Hold your ears & do 100 sit-ups go get started“ Spanked I went to the corner & held both my ears started the sit-ups while rubbing my nose against the wall, I heard her going out & come back after a while in the meanwhile I had finished my sit-ups 100 times , she asked me to come near her & to my surprise I found a steel bowl full of Ice Cubes “ She said now your punishments starts let me see how good you are, erections you get just like this “ with that I saw her picking up an ice cube pulling me towards her & she stuffed that ice cube in my panties, I was chilled but she carried on & stuffed another 3-4 cubes & asked me to kneel down. With that to my utter amazement I saw her opening her jeans & removing on leg out of it completely. I saw her naked legs & my erection was rock hard but ice cubes were not letting it remain so hard, with a finger she ordered me to come between her legs but till now I was not sure whether she was wearing her panties or not as the shirt was too long & was covering her crotch. She made me sit between her legs & ordered me to close my eyes I did as ordered, she kept one of her legs on one side of the table & the other leg on the other side & caught hold of my ears & brought my face near her **** & now I could smell her too which was of her being excited with that she ordered “ Now Lick me like a dog you are start “ & with my ears she guided my head, “ Take out your tongue completely “ I did & now I could taste her pungent **** leaks, the taste was a little not so good but I carried on as it was my first time in life. Just after a short while I could feel that she was rubbing herself on my tongue my face my nose everywhere & suddenly she shuddered in to a climax while strongly pulling my ears. I could feel my whole face full of her *** like my lips, my nose my cheeks etc everywhere my face was terribly wet with her ***, she said “ No Do not clean your face stand up with hands up “ I stood she wore her jeans again & said “ This is the punishment of your erections & while getting excited while Iam teaching you “ Now with the Ice Cubes melting My complete panties were wet & I was feeling quite mucky. Suddenly she said “ Are you still feeling excited or erected” with that she put her hand on my crotch & she could feel the hardness she gave me a resounding slap & said “ Look at you are you not ashamed of yourself you still are excited after all this humiliating punishments also, I think even if pee on you or even I **** in your mouth & make you drink & lick my **** you would still be excited. Dirty boy “ with that she caught my ear again which was now paining terribly yet she folded it into double & started rotating it & than picked up a 2-3 more ice cubes & stuffed it inside my panties, now all the water melted had created a mess on the floor, but with my ear folded she dragged me towards the door opened it & made me stand in lawn outside & still with ear grip I said “ Miss I would like to go to the loo “ She said “ No nothing doing, you would become a Murga here till these Ice cubes do not melt & if you have to go to the loo for **** I do not care, do it in your panties only but you are not moving an inch till the ice cubes do not melt “ with that I became a Murga & she sat on a chair outside looking at me with a scale in hand. Now as the time passed my erection subsided & my urge for loo was becoming stronger & stronger & I had started moving my legs in order to control my legs noticing my discomfort Miss said “ Do not move be still” I tried to be still & suddenly I realized I had leaked a little bit of **** in my panties I somehow controlled it & now the cubes had also melted & while in Murga position only I said “ Maam Can I get up now The Ice cubes have melted” She said ok. I got up & now with combined effect of erections & the Ice cubes my urge to **** was just unbearable hence I almost started dancing on my feet, she got up came near me again caught my ear & said “ I will not allow you to go for loo if you have to do it in your panties & that too in front of me, I also would like to see how such a Big boy can **** in his panties” with that she started also slapping me on my arse & it was producing wet sounds & was also hurting badly, ultimately I could not control my self & her slaps made me loose my control I started *******. To my shock now my legs etc all got wet from my **** & even the panties got bloated up from the front I was feeling so ashamed that I just wanted to run away but Miss would not leave my ear & would not let me move an inch & she said “ Look what a big boy you are, you keep on getting erections again & again but can not control you **** , any way last part of your punishment is still to come’ with that she started pulling both my ears in the same manner like folded both my ears in to a double & started slapping me again & after some time asked me to do uthak baithaks there only while she was holding my ears in the same manner it was really painful than she made me a Murga, while in Murga I could smell my panties of a mixed smell of my ****, my sweat & even my leaks & from my face I could smell her *** & her leaks, I was feeling too mucky & messy but yet I was getting erections. Miss could sense that & after 5 minutes she asked me to get up & said “ Now remove your panties hold it in your left hand.” I said Miss “ here out side “ She said do as you are told. I reluctantly removed my panties & held it in my left hand & I had a solid erection now but on the same hand was feeling humiliated too. She caught hold of my left ear & said “ Now You would lick this panty & stroke yourself “ I was shocked how could I lick a panty in which I had just pissed & was full of muck. I slowly started masterburating myself, realizing I would not lick the panty myself Miss took the panty from hand tried to stuff the panty inside my mouth to which I resisted strongly & did not open my mouth, Now with one hand she was holding my ear & pulling my face towards those panties & said “ Do not stop, keep on masterburating yourself & lick lick it “ with that she rubbed that entire panties on my face, on my lips, on my neck everywhere as she was twisting my ear as well as getting that mucky panty on my face & also stroking myself, suddenly first time in my life in front of a girl I was naked she was totally clothed & I was masterburating & I suddenly shot gobes of *** which went quite far of on the floor & even my hands were full of my ***. After a while I stopped & my Miss also stood there still holding my ear & said “ Now do I make you lick the floor where you have shot your *** & also your should lick your hands clean” with that she pulled me with my ear to the floor where my gobs of my *** were lying & said “ How about if you now go down on you knees like a dog & lick this floor clean with your tongue like a dog “ I just stood there just ashamed with my eyes down cast on the floor, she some how stood there for a few minutes & than again dragged me by the ear & took me to the bathroom & said “ Ok Iam leaving you this time have a bath freshen up yourself & come back to study room. Now I hope you will remember this always & would not get an erection while Iam teaching again, & if you do than remember I will not only make you lick the panties soiled with your **** but would also make you lick & eat your own *** from your hands itself & also make your lick & drink my ****. Is that clear ? Yes Maam.
I had a bath & dressed up again & came to study room she said I could go back home , she came out with me to the main door but before I could open the door she again caught hold of me ear & pulled my face towards her held my other ear also & pulled my face towards her lips & suddenly kissed me on my lips & started sucking my lower lip my mouth was opened she put her tongue inside my mouth & entangled her tongue with mine. She gave me thoroughly wet kiss & sucked my lips & slowly moved her right hand towards my crotch where again I had an erection & she caught hold of my **** through my pants. Now with One hand she was pulling my ear, with the other hand she was holding my **** & was licking & sucking my lips, I was breathing heavily now she left me & with a very naughty smile she said “ Next time be prepared for worst punishments I will make you lick my **** if you get erected though I will see to it that you get erected so either way you will be punished but be careful next time it will be worst. This time you have just tasted your won **** next time you are going to lick your own **** as well as your *** & will have to lick & drink my ****. Are you ready Dirty Boy” She said naughtily smiling.
I said “ Yes Miss “ & I ran away.
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This is so ******* fake and guess what your fantasy is too good ti be true y mother flicker you hoe **** perv

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prooja i want to share stories for my punishment,plz reply back..

prooja i want to share stories for my punishment,plz reply back..