Slippered By A Teacher Who Didn't Like Me

I was at primary school in the 70's when corporal punishment was common but not routine, not in every school. A lot depended on the head and the teacher you had. I survived until the last year of primary with only once getting the ruler across my legs for not having PE kit. I was made to do it in my pants with the red marks on full show.
In the final year we had the deputy head who was known to be strict. In our first weeks he lost his temper when we did not do well in a quiz against the boys from the other class in our year. Their prize for winning was to watch us line up and bend over for the slipper one by one. He took against me because he was sport mad and I was crap at it. He hit me across the back of my legs a few times with his whistle before I got into proper trouble.
I cannot even remember what it was I'd done, but he kept me back at break. I was expecting a telling offf but he just took me to the back of class and made me bend over one of the stools by the art table. He then when to the storeroom and spent ages selecting a slipper. I was close to wetting myself before he had even started. He gave me a hard six of the best. He put me in the corner until the class returned before making me stand by his desk while he told them how he had punished me. He made it clear that he had his eye on me.
It was not long before I was kept back again. It soon became a pattern. Where other boys would be made to put their hands on their head or get a black mark, I'd get that and a good slippering. I was too embarrassed to tell Mum.
It was just after Christmas he got harder on me. He warned me before the holidays that he would if I didnt buck my ideas up. I tried really hard but he picked on anything. During bad weather mum made me wear wellingtons to school. One day I forgot my shoes to change into and got held back at break for anorher slippering, As I didn't go home for lunch Iwas stuck in wellies all day. After lunch he called me out and shouted at me for being insolent in still having my wellies on. When I tried to explain he slapped my bare legs and put me in the corner. At break I went automatically to the back and got a stool to bend over while he got the slipper. To my horror he told me to drop my shorts, and he gave me six strokes across my pants. He said that was for the wellies and now for insolence I had a choice - a trip to the head or six more with my pants down. I had a terrible fear of the cane, so tearfully dropped my pants and took six across my already tender bare bum.
In hindsight I should have opted for the Head. He probably would have just slippered me anyway. As it was I kind of set myself up. For the next two terms I was slippered on my bare bottom at least once a week. I thought about telling my mum, but it would not have helped as I found out later.
i didn't escape the cane either by accepting bare bottom slipperings. It was at the start of the final half term. I was bent over a stool with my shorts and pants down waiting the slipper one lunchtime (he liked to make me wait for it in position) when the head came in. My teacher exaggerated what I'd done, to justify my bare bum I suppose. Rather than object to that the head ordered me to his office. As it was still the second lunch sitting there were plenty of witnesses to see me waiting shaking and to hear the thwack and my cries as six strokes of the cane hit home.
As I was caned I got a note home, which led to mum finding out about how often I'd been slippered. He told mum that he had slippered me on my bare bottom, I guess before I did, but she took his side and was persuaded that it was what I needed. Consequently she started making me drop my pants for the slipper at home, a punishment I got until my mid teens. I thought that pretty rough as she never made my younger sister or brother drop theirpants, just me.

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I got plenty of slipperings and canings both at home and school often on the bare bottom.

If it was deserved then the slipper applied to the bottom is an ideal way of paying for misbehaviour. It's quick, efficacious and does no lasting harm.

I was frequently slippered at home in front of my 2 sisters - they were never slippered, and took enormous glee in watching me get it. The slipper was a heavy one with a thick and very hard rubber soul.

When I was 13, my 12 year old sister Ann saw me steal a bar of chocolate from our local newsagent. She ran home immediately and when I got back, my mother was standing at the door waiting, with Ann and Louise (15) standing beside her.

This time I knew I was going to get it. I resigned myself to bending over the heavy wooden stool that mother kept in the corner of the dining room and 20 minutes of squealing, followed by a week of sitting tenderly - but it was not to be. On the advice of my 'loving' sisters, a rather more elaborate punishment was outlined to me.

The next evening, the newsagent was full of my school friends, when I walked in and approached Mrs. Brown, elderly lady who ran it, my head flushed scarlet with embarrassment. I had a prepared speech that Louise had kindly written for me.

"Excuse me, ma'am".
"Yes? Is there something I can get you?"
"erm, no. I have come to apologize to you for stealing from your shop yesterday"
The shop fell silent as at least 10 kids looked at me.
"Oh. Really. Well, I expect you to pay for it and I hope that you will be punished at home if I'm not going to notify the police".
"Yes ma'am". I handed over a 50 pence piece.
Now came the difficult bit. The shop remained silent and tense with anticipation.
"Erm... my mum is going to punish me, ma'am"
"Really? And what exactly will your punishment be?" It was speech time.
"My mum is going to pull down my trousers and pants, and then I will have to bend over while she thrashes my bare bottom black and blue with a slipper. And... she was wondering whether you would like to see it".
I was blushing so hard I thought I would pass out. The shop was still quiet, but there were giggles too.
The newsagent was shocked - I could see that. But it only took a couple of seconds for her to recover - and I was a very unpleasant grin steal over her face.
"Yes, I would like that very much."
I ran out of the shop and didn't stop until I reached home. By the time I arrived, mother had phoned the newsagents and made the arrangements. An hour later, the shop would close and my 'victim' would come to our house.

An hour was plenty of time for my sisters, who had been given full control of my punishment, to make many refinements. For a start, it was decided that simpy taking down my trousers and pants was far too lenient. I was told to undress the moment I arrived home - completely naked. My mother then produced a pink ribbon with a little bell on it, which she tied tightly around the base of my penis. How they all managed to keep a straight face I will never know. I was directed to stand on a chair in the middle of the living room for the rest of the hour.

At 6pm prompt the doorbell rang. And unbelievably, my mother said "Well? Go and answer it!!"

I didn't move. After a few seconds my mother came up to me and whispered "You will bloody well do as your told and answer the door. As a result of your disobedience, I have a good mind to ring your headmaster tomorrow and tell him to cane you in front of the whole school. Can you imagine what its like to receive a bare bottomed caning, in front of all your schoolmates, on a bottom that will be in the state yours will be by tomorrow?"

With my heart beating like a machine gun, I walked slowly to the door and answered it. Naked, with my little bell ringing merrily.

There, at the door, was the newsagent.

And next to her, 6 of my sisters' best friends, including one who I fancied like hell. I stood, naked, in the doorway, while they doubled over with laughter.

everyone was invited in. A few minutes later my next door neighbour appeared and sherry was served to the audience who now filled the living room. I had returned to my position of standing in the middle of the room on a chair.

No one was in a hurry, but after about 30 minutes, I was sent to bring in the heavy stool and everyone got themselves comfortable. My mum brought in the slipper and presented it to the newsagent. The room fell silent, and my mum spoke.

"Thank you for coming, everyone. My son has been caught stealing and I feel that its appropriate he is punished in this way. Mrs. Brown, you were the victim. I can only apologise on his behalf. Are you satisfied with this as a punishment? How severe would you like me to be?"

The question hung in the air. Mrs. Brown took a full minute before replying. I had hoped for something like "Oh, I think he's seen the error of his ways, you don't need to be too harsh" - in fact, I genuinely thought she would say that. Instead, I got:

"This is a very serious crime which I would normally report to the police, and this boy would have a criminal record for the rest of his life. The only way that I will refrain from doing exactly that is if you thrash this boy within an inch of his life".

Another pause. And then:
"Very well, Mrs. Brown. I will do my best to beat his bare bottom until it is quite skinned. He will remember this for the rest of his life".

To be continued...