our school had prefects who were elected by students to handle some responsibilities  when teachers were not around, being a boarding school a lot used to happen. The school was very strict about time management and respect for authority, not only did we have to respect teachers but prefects too and we had to be at a place 15 minutes before the time to be there. Like morning preps started at 6:00am but we had to be in the reading rooms by 5:45am. I had a group of friends with whom we shared a room, we were more like dare devils..we liked to do everything our way which always ended up with us getting caned.

One Thursday morning we were getting ready for class, having fun dancing around the room half naked when this annoying prefect comes in and says we are getting late for morning preps. Everyone knows our clique goes to class 30minutes late instead of 15minutes early and they had come to accept that i really don't know what her problem was that day! Anyways we just tell her to **** off and she left the room. 10 minutes later she came and said she was going to call a teacher if we didn't leave for class immediately. We told her to get a life and stop bothering people...she got mad at this point and walked out. She had the keys to that room so she locked the door..after many failed attempts on pleading with her to open the door some friends started swearing at her and calling her all sorts of names while the rest of us would laugh out loud (it was so funny)

15 minutes later we hear the lock turning, she was finally opening the door and someone says "Ur stupid *** has finally given up''  and again we all start laughing...the door opened and we were in for a huge surprise, standing there holding a mean looking cane was one of the most feared teachers.We found out he had been standing there the whole time and is the one who gave her the keys...i don't know if am the only one who felt it but at that moment my heart started beating bit faster than usual, i had been staying out of his way because he was very strict and now i was just about to face my biggest fear.He told us to change out of our uniforms because we were going to be later than we expected for class, he didn't even bother leaving the room as we changed out of our uniforms and put on other casual body dared to ask, we just dressed in silence.

5minutes later we were standing in a line in front of him, ten scared faces..then the lectures begun and trust me i was not listening i had my eyes on that cane in his hands and i was dreading the moment he would start using it. Mr.K finally ended his lecture and told us we would be getting four stokes each, lying down. He picked a bed nearest to the door and we had to lie on it, take the whipping and step outside to wait for the next punishment ..i was 5th in line. The first girl got onto the bed and he swung the cane really high and it landed hard and fast on her butt, she screamed and tried to get up but he warned her not to move,this just made her cry and we watched in terror.The rest of the lashes were fast and as scary as the first one, she rushed out of the room in this point i was thinking lucky her am still in the 'line of doom'
As my turn came closer my knees became weaker and all i could think of  when someone screamed out in pain was that i was next..."Ur turn" Mr.K said to me as i stood there looking at him with pleading eyes, silently wishing i could disappear.."don't make me force u, if u had just listened in the first place u wouldn't be here!" i still didn't move, i was half frozen..watching and waiting can do that to a person. He started to move towards me and i quickly got onto the bed and in position, i looked up and he smiled then raised the cane and i looked landed fast and it hurt so bad i felt like i had been sliced into half, i quickly got up.."get back down! three more to go"  after a little resistance i finally got back into position then he warned me not to move again, i screamed my way through the rest but didn't dare to get up until it was done and i rushed out of the room to join the others.There was a lot of screaming and crying from that room for a while as the rest got their turn then he ordered us back in.

First part of our punishment was done, unfortunately there was more...he grouped us into two groups and took us to the the biggest classroom was three floors and had a TV room plus examination rooms. We were told to make sure we cleaned it all up and organized the furniture in the TV room which some students had moved out of place, this took u three hours. We got to class at midday (later then we expected lol) Sitting was painful that whole week and i was never late again, for that term at least
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So you all got what you deserved as we used too.

So it was over clothes?

Did I just read a horror story? That is sooo creepy x____x I would totally get a heart and die attack if I were you !!!!!!

coward!! lol it wasnt that bad just abit scary :)