No Running In The Corridor

One time in secondary, the last lesson I had was PE. Coming back in from the playing field, someone held a door open for me, and I ran about 20 feet, to get it. As I walked through, a teacher at the other side, of the door, told me to stand against the wall. As I stood, he walked into his room and returned with his belt (tawse) in his hands.

He asked me what I had just done. When I said I'd ran to catch the door, he said "There is no running in the corridor". With that, he told me to put up my hands, and while the rest of the class walked passed me, gave me two strokes with the belt before telling me to "Walk to the changing room".

In the changing room, I still had to change into my uniform even though I was about to go home, as my school was strict on wearing uniform. If a teacher had seen me without my tie on, I'd have been in line for another belting. With my hands smarting, it wasn't easy to tie my tie.

It wasn't the first time I'd been tawsed, and it wasn't the last either!
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May 21, 2012