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I Got Spanked In Reform School

So i was 14jears old my friend jackey use to smoke in school and that day at brake time she ask me to hold cavy wile she smoked unfortunatly the prefect saw us and to make things worse i was the headprefect girl so we were taken to the pricepalls office when he heard what was going on he was very angry he called us in and told me he is going to make my bum burn twise as mutch he then told jackey to bend over the chair i said i will take her spanking for her he got more angry and told jacky to go back to class he said(so you think you are brave?! Lets see how brave you are!)he told me to pull my pants down and to bend over the chair he took off the thick cane,rattan i was scared he gave me 12swats i cryed my bum was very sore i felt something wet running down my legs when he told me to stand i saw blood on the floor my bum was so sore i could not sleep my bum was raw,purple,blue from the spanking
GrimRose GrimRose 26-30, F 2 Responses May 21, 2012

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If you look carfully, I did not, and I repeat did not use Jesus name in vain! And if I were you, I would pay attention to your wagging tounge. My comment had nothing to do with you! Seems you have more problems to deal with. Beleave me ! you don't want to add another. Because I will, if you persist, become your worst nitemare. I don't deal well with men haters. Seems as though you need bent over and have your *** beat. You didn't learn anything did you. And I resent bible beaters that take his word out of context and beat people over the head with it. You should set aside all the **** that people have put in your ears and forget about it. Pick up the bible and read it! Without all the background noise of what others are preaching. And use your own mind and make your own judgements. But people like you never listen. You pick up irrational notions and take them as the literal truth. And, I'm sure your mind is twisted and not capable knowing what the truth is.


LOL your the type of Woman I enjoy breaking. You have so little between your ears. A twisted and resentful little knat. You can't seperate the anger and emotion you have for your parents and your out to mak all men bow to you because you had your *** beat. Seems like you still need to have it beat. Jessibelbel ? Oh ya, the book, one of several not included in the mainstream bible because the one who wrote it was a whacky nutball. It's crazys like you that make the world dangerous. So go some where and drink you cool aid. Because if you don't, their will be someone coming to take you away. and it won't be Jesus or God! By the way, I do own a Bible, Three! and do use them often.

LOL!!!!i can hear you think you tough he he YOU GOT A VERY BIG ******! MOUTH! But that does not! scare! Or bother! Me!! COME LET ME S.P.A.N.K!! YOUR! ***! Or are you to chichen LOL! LOW! CLASS! PEOPLE LIKE YOU! Ha ha WOW. You remind me of a one storie building theres nothing upstair and i would ask you how old you are but i know you cant count that hi.

Thanks for your invite, which was appreciated. This is shocking, is it r/l or fantasy? I am a supporter of CP and, yes, the cane, but not to this level of severity

No this is devenitly no fatacy all my stories i wright here is