Small Okay Maybe Huge Price To Pay For Having Fun

There is nothing as tempting as having fun even if you know where your gonna end up after  As you all know my school was strict probably the most strict school i have ever heard of. We had night preps but girls had it in separate rooms from boys apparently we were a distraction to each other because that time was meant for studying  and a bunch of other lame excuses they used. I was in a class of students who were always coming up with this hilarious ideas to drive teachers and campus security crazy I was in the 4Th form(15-16 year olds) when this happened.....we were tired of wasting 2 hours of night preps just staring at our books and not doing anything fun so one of the boys who always led our class in playing pranks on teachers suggested something adventurous we could do that night. It was one of those days when teacher weren't very active and most had gone back to their homes. The plan was to go to class that night in only our nighties and boys would go in their boxers  we were to sneak into our reading rooms with out anyone noticing our rather unique choice of clothes. Preps were from 7:00pm to 9:00pm so we had to be really silent and just keep a low profile for the first one hour then at exactly 8:00pm we got out of our rooms and started walking towards the boys block while the boys left their rooms and started walking towards us! Usually security would just try to force us back in class but this night our choice of outfits left them a bit curious about what was going to happen next We met our boys at the center and started laughing at how funny the situation was and giving each other high fives for our achievement and then teachers showed up to spoil all the fun. There were only about three teachers left in school and their first reaction of course was "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE AND WHAT ARE U WEARING!!" (in very angry voices) We just laughed, the look on their faces was priceless!! They ordered us back in our classes but we just stood there and a few boys shouted "what are u gonna do about it??" They didn't take that quite well, one went to the staff room and came back with a cane we were really gonna get it this time but not with out having some more fun lol  We knew what was going to happen next so we decided to first make the teachers run around a bit, as soon as they reached close to were we were standing we started running and they sent security after us. We ran across the school attracting attention from other students and some even left their classes to cheer us on ha ha The whole school was out in no time, prep had ended early that dayThe headmaster was called because the situation was getting out of hand...he arrived 15minutes later and came up with a plan of getting us one at a time, when the guards caught a student they would lock you up in a room while you waited for the rest to get caught. Slowly by slowly the room filled up and in no time they had all of us together. We were told to go to bed and meet the headmaster in the dinning hall the next morning at seven. That morning we reached the dining and it was arranged like a torture room, furniture had been pushed to the sides apart from one table in the center of the room that had about 10 nasty looking canes on it. The headmaster was standing next to it with five other teachers and he had our class list with him. He started with  roll-call to make sure everyone was present then he told us we were to accept 10 strokes or get expelled. Of course no one wanted to get expelled, so we just accepted. He would read out a name and you go to any of the teachers present then lie flat on the ground and wait for the worst. Their is nothing as tormenting as watching and waiting, many cried before even the actual caning. I cant really explain what the others were feeling at that time but i remember when he read out my name...i stepped out of the crowd shaking with fear, i felt alone in a crowded room and i was breathing way to fast, i think i could hear my own heart beating fast and loud! I looked at him and he was like "you have been in my office a lot this last week, your getting 12 from me instead!"  I could barley handle five lashes so 12 sounded like a death sentence to me! I tried to act brave because people were watching but that didn't go well. As soon as the first lash landed i was already up, it hurt so much! He pushed me back to the ground with out saying a word and went ahead to land stroke after stroke on my poor butt, i was screaming and kicking like crazy..after the 8Th he stopped, apparently i looked like i couldn't take anymore. I wasn't crying yet but i was fighting it too much so he let me go and went ahead to the next person. After the last person was caned we got the same usual boring lecture about disrupting school programmes and again they explained why they didn't want us to sit with the boys during night preps. I was sore the whole week but that memory stuck, it was worth the fun we had that night          
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haha, that seemed a bit fun, to bad your teachers didnt think so :))