Kneeling Punishments

It was very common when I was a child at 70's to be punished being forced to kneel for one or two hours. I got thousands of this kind of punishments, sometimes holding books on your outstreched arms, facing the wall, and even having to kneel on something like rice or a ruler or something like that (and that really hurts), or having to hold a eraser with your nose againts the blackboard.
Even I was punished in the class for girls, in front of all the girls or even in the middle of the yard beeing esposed to anyone at school or even anyone that pass through.
I got punishment when was a very young kid, from four years (you can red my experience Punished On My Knees At My School When I Was Four) to 13.
I had received some strokes on my hands or even on the soles of my feet, mainly when you let something fall while punished (you can read my experience My First Bastinado Was In School). Once a ruler got broken on my red hand.
But I never recieved a spank on my *** at school.
I'm very happy about now, in my country, corporal punishment were oficially fobiden since 1975, For many years they were throug. But society chaged the common mind and now they are really out of the educational system.
With many effort and a lot of patience I got a good education and went to University and got even a Doctor level, After primary school I never got another punishment.
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