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I first received CP at school in my third year (in 1950s England) that was Junior 1, I was 7 years old and the youngest boy in the class. On two occasions "Miserable " Miss Maude, an elderly (frustrated) spinster had me go out to the front of the class, hold my hand out, for one stroke of her strap. It hurt. The offence was - getting less than half on my spellings right in a test. In my opinion that was an utterly wrong use of punishment, and didn't make any difference to my ability to spell. (Thank goodness now for computer spell- checks). I of course wasn't the only little boy to be punished in the way by this teacher, but I managed to get through the 3 remaining Junior classes without any teacher feeling the need to resort to CP.

At 11 years I started at Grammar School, the cane was used at this school, but only by the head-master, and only for disobedience etc never for inability. I kept free of the head-master's study for the first year, but gradually began to increase visits year on year after for a variety of offences, smoking, swearing at a prefect, behaving indecently with others, but at the age of 15, only a few months before I was due to leave school for employment, I received my worst ever caning, and I thoroughly deserved it. Indeed I had quite properly deserved every punishment meted out by the head-master.

This last caning was for a dreadful offence of bullying and I am ashamed so many years later now to relate the details to you, my new friends whom I value. I had bullied a first year boy into giving me his dinner-money so that I could buy cigarettes . My method of bullying, to force his head into a toilet bowl and threaten to pull the chain releasing the flush. It was never necessary to put the threat into action, and had he but realised it, I wouldn't have because his wet hair would have altered teachers to a problem.

My ofending was discovered because his alret form teacher realised he was not having any lunch and questioned him about it. I gather he was very releucatnt to grass me up but he didn't really have any choice.

I was sent home there and then, my parents contacted, and told to return to school when asked when I would be informed of the head's decision about punishment etc.

My father and I was called to the school 3 days later, the intervening days were awful, my mother wouldn't speak to me and my father kept me working hard long hours in his shop.

We attended school at 4pm as every one else was leaving, the head-master asked my father if my parents wished me to continue attending the school, my father said yes, very firmly. The head-master then laid the terms down. I was to receive 12 strokes of the cane, on the naked bottom, today in the presence of my father, the boy against whom I had offended and his father, and another12 strokes seven days later with just the head-master present. My father agreed, and told me I was just going to have to take the well deserved punishment.

It was painful beyond words, I was sobbing, but the utter humiliation I cannot even now describe - physically I was virtually a man exposed, horribly exposed, bent over the back of a chair, in front of a young boy, his dad and mine. I couldn't decide which was worse.

The drive home was in utter silence and we got home at tea-time and I was made to explain to my mother what had happened at school, my younger brother, aged 12, listening.

Seven days later the second half on the punishment was administered, I think it was more painful, but perhaps my bottom was still a bit tender. Word did spread around the school, as it does and I was no hero believe me, my girl friend dumped me, and I had a few difficult months - the name of the City of Coventry comes to mind. I had gone too far, far too far for even my bullish compatriots, and deserved all I got.

I managed to find a job just three months later, and applied, surprisingly I got it, and even more surprisingly my parents did not try to deter me, even the head-master gave me a reasonable reference but my dad claimed that was because he wanted to see the back of me.

I did realise fairly soon how awful and despicable the bullying had been and how I had deserved what was a vicious and possibly even an illegal punishment, but the option would probably have been a spell in a borstal with the consequential criminal record, and I know I have never bullied anyone ever since, and have done my best to help victims of bullying. I know that doesn't excuse my bullying and I still feel ashamed when I sit down to write about it.

I cannot claim however, that getting caned at school never did me any harm, because it did - after about four years or so I found the thoughts of being caned arousing sexually and have frequently indulged my fantasy with my long-suffering wife, who I did tell this story to even before we married, and who agreed with me that I fully deserved all I got.

She now continues to give me all that I deserve and has become skilled and adept at caning an up-turned bare-bottom, and indeed confesses to find it arousing for herself. All a bit confusing, although I do know that when I was being punished at school all I was concious of was very severe physical and emotional pain, no pleasure whatsoever.

Every word true, make what you will of it, comment if you like.

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Jul 9, 2012