2nd Form And The Cane

I was always afraid of the cane at school.At primary school..i don't remember any girl that was caned...but I do remember any number of boys coming back to class crying their eyes out...and in grade 6 our classroom was by the Headmaster's office so we got to see boys waiting and then emerging from the office bawling and rubbing their bottoms...and we could feintly hear their howls coming from the office....but for me I was to wait until I was..13 and in form 2 before i got my first caning...and I found out that I was right to be afraid of that swishy cane.A caning is excrutiating and definitely to be avoided.However due to my foolishness I got it a further 4 times during my schooldays.But I had no excuse and did deserve every caning I got.
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The cane was very rare in my primary school, it was mostly the slipper. It was much more common in secondary school. Within days of starting there I remember seeing a girl emerging from the deputy headmistress's study in tears and furiously rubbing her freshly caned bottom.

It was only a matter of a few weeks before I got my first taste of that cane.

The cane wasn't used at my primary school, I didn't get that until secondary school. In primary school it was mostly slapped legs until about year 4 when some teachers started giving us the slipper instead.

It was the opposite way round at my primary school as the cane was used, only on boys though. To be fair I only saw around 5 caning's, I wasn't one of them. At secondary school the cane, slipper and large ruler was given on a very regular basis, and I tasted all three.

The slipper wasn't used very much at primary school, maybe once every couple of months, but I got it a few times. Girls got it just as much as boys, sometimes more because we could be more badly behaved.

It was far more common in secondary school. On average there were probably between 1 and 2 slipperings per day per class. I know that sounds like a lot but there could be half a dozen of so of us slippered for not doing homework so that alone was getting on for a week's worth. Add a couple of slipperings during the week for general misbehaviour and there's an average of 1.6 per day. A whole class slippering, which wasn't all that unusual in PE, pushes the average up even more.

Canings were less common but there often a queue of boys and girls outside the Head's. office waiting to be caned.

Like your school caning's were less common. The slipper was used everyday, in some class. It wasn't uncommon to see 2 or 3 slippered in class, but I never experienced the situation where all the class was slippered in one session. That must have taken up half the lesson?

I wouldn't dispute for a minute girls could be just as badly behaved as boys, or worse. They should have been, in all cases punished the same as a boy.

2 or 3 being slippered in class was a fairly regular occurrence. The few times the whole class was slippered did take up about half the lesson time because, in a classroom, the teacher could only slipper two or three at a time. It didn't take as long in PE (where whole class slipperings were more common) because we were usually all bent over together and the teacher just went along the line.

PE classes comprised 2 ordinary mixed sex classes divided into boys and girls - approximately 25 or each. There was also at least 2 teachers (male and female) and often 4 supervising us. If we were all being slippered, as happened several times, each teacher might only have to deal with 12 - 15 of us.

We girls were punished just the same as the boys for the same types of offence.

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I was caned at junior school. All the teachers caned as well as the headmaster. They caned on the hands and for trivial offences. I got caned a lot yet my reports showed I was not naughty at all. Girls never got caned but some of the teachers spanked them. I saw a male teacher once in what is now Year 5 pull a girl over his lap pull up her skirt and spank her. I was shocked at the time, not because I got to see her knickers as girls did PE in their knickers even in what is now Year 6, but that he had pulled her skirt up. It had quite an impression on my mind.

You were a lucky boy to avoid the cane up untill 13...

We only were paddled and only by the principle if you were a girl. Boys were sent next door to the parish priest. We then had to bring a note home for our parents to sign. Since dad never spanked us, we tried to give it to him, but he always handed it over to mother, who then paddled us again on our bare behind in front of all our siblings.

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Thanks for posting, Susan.

the fear of getting the cane is something many critics of giving the cane in school seem to forget. When schools used the cane it was not just a deterrent for the offender but also one for lots of other kids who lived with the thought, if I step out of line, it just might be me! Used fairly imho the cane is a good aid to keeping order in school and to bringing up young people, be they girl or boy. It was a sorry day when it was abolished.

Unfortunately you are 200% correct!

I never experience caning at my junior school, the ruler across the backs of the thigh's; yes!. I wasn't aware of anyone getting caned until senior school, then the floodgates opened and it seemed like an every day event. I didn't get it everyday but it seemed like someone was getting it. Caning was commonplace in the school and never really changed throughout my 6 years there.