Triple Trouble

This happened at catholic secondary school. I was court daydreaming in history class and was given 100 lines which was a problem as the last time I'd had lines from school Mum had put me over her knee for a dose of the hairbrush before sending me to bed early and quite apart from avioding the spanking I was very keen to watch top of the pops that evening.

The next class was english and we were reading to kill a mockingbird. I was at the back of the classroom so I had the bright idea of starting writing my lines! I had been scribbling away for 10 minutes or so when I looked up and found Miss H standing in front of me.

"Your supposed to be listening girl not writing!" she snapped before snatching the paper from me.

The was a moments silence while she read the lines and then she exploded.
Miss H was red haired with a temper to match.She grabbed me by the arm and pulled me out of my chair. I was marched up to the front of the class and
made to stand with my hands on my head while I was given a telling off that could have ******** paint.

Miss H opened her desk draw and produced her slipper, a size 10 white plimsole she ordered me to bend over her desk and lifted the back of my skirt
exposing my bottle green knickers to the rest of the class and gave me 6 full blooded whacks.

Miss H then lifted me upright by my ear and pausing only to return her slipper she marched me to Miss B the history teachers classroom and I was put in the corner while Miss H explained what she had caught me doing.

Miss B then lectured me about my gross insolence. She said that she was going to make me a very sorry girl. Miss B did not use a slipper she had an 18" hardwood ruler she gave me 4 strokes on each hand and then 4 on the back of each leg which had me sniffling.

I was unsure what was throbbing more my hands,bum or legs and was dreading what my Mum was going to do when she found out. Imagine my horror when the classroom door opened and the headmistress entered and enquired what was going on. She was less than happy with me and escorted me to her office where I was ordered to bend over and touch my toes and recieved 6 strokes of the cane across the seat of my skirt.
ravensandwolves ravensandwolves
Dec 16, 2012