My Blond Aunt

My blond aunt was my 5th grade teacher. Pretty and Cute. Everyone was like " Taylor, your aunt won't give us a dermit." And I agreed. My boyfriend, Jackson, in 5th grade and I, Taylor put superglue in my aunt's chair. She didn't know who but she was REALLY mad. Jackson's laugh gave us away. He was really cute with dimples,too (FYI). "Mr. Marray and Taylor Elise McRome, See me after class." I waited outside. Then Jackson came out rubbin his butt. "Dang, Taylor, your aunt really knows how to spank!" Spank? My 22 yr. old aunt. Oh God, this will be bad. I thought. I go in and she starts lecturing me. Blah Blah. Since I was tiny and skinny she didn't have to have my help as she laid me across her lap. She pulled my Nike shorts and panties down. She took her large hairbrush and started spanking me. When she let me and my red butt go. I could only see a blur of her blond hair through my tears. "Hon, love you lots, but next time it WILL be the meter stick across your sorry butt and hair brush on your thighs." She hugged me and rubbed my butt

So we did an offense again. Well sorry just me. She took me to her house after school. I lay on her bed, naked. My face in the pillows. She took her meter stick home and starts slapping my thighs with her brush. Then my bare bum with the meter stick. She then took cream and rubbed me. "Taylor, I hate to say it, but you WILL get the belt and paddle next time." "Aunt Claire, you got spanked as a kid?" "Heck ya, sweetie, that's where I learn, and I learned if I misbehaved that belt or someone's hand was on my butt or legs. Eventually a slap in the face."

I did one again except her boyfriend (CUTE!) spanked me with a thick leather belt on my bare tiny bootie. I cried and cried naked on his lap. Then he and my aunt hugged me and said they had forgiven me for tying their shoes together and making them trip down the stairs.
taylorelisemcrome taylorelisemcrome
22-25, F
Jan 8, 2013