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Home And School Discipline

Growing up in Scotland in the 60's meant regular punishment at schhol with most if not all teachers displaying the tawse. In my experience most parents had one /or something very similar at home.
I think the abolishment of school discipline has tendered to the soft approach and our crumbling society morals.
I dont think it will ever return to schools but its a parents duty.
StrictStewart StrictStewart 51-55, M 11 Responses Jan 19, 2013

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You are so right! Immediate punishment is the best to ensure better behaviour.

I agree. I am only 24 but I can say corporal punishment does work. I lived out in Zimbabwe from age 12 to 17 and it was used on boys in most schools there. I can tell you that respect and discipline in my school was good, not many boys ever needed to be reminded more than once.. I was shocked when we came back to uk, the kids seemed out of control...

The situation is just as dire in America, in my opinion.

The HM at my school had a strap that he would use when he wanted to give a 'serious' punishment. I don't think it was a tawse; someone told me it was an Irish school strap with whale bone sewn inside it. I got that strap on my bare backside as I had to recite the Lord's Prayer. My rear felt like I had sat on napalm afterwards.

even though im from england my dads scottish so had tawse at home. At my prep school we had a scottish teacher who used tawse in every class. you were considered a sissy it u had not revieved it

You are quite right, as a result i still need correction, love from Graeme

Plenty of under armpits squeezing as tears spilled over then at school

I remember a conversation with a man I met from Scotland a few years ago. He claimed that a tawse was a not uncommon wedding gift. Or maybe it was a christening gift. In any event, there seemed to be no doubt that it would be put to use. I deduced from this that the traditional Scottish attitude towards children was refreshingly unsentimental.

The tawse at school was always given on hands. Boys got punished at front of class usually whereas girls got it privately from head/headmistress. There was a maximum of 6 on hands per punishment.

What about at home; how was the tawse used at home?

Home punishments were always on bottom and legs JMCZ

Our schools had a razor strap for the hands... maximum 6 on each... unfortunately... a strapping at school meant double when I got home.... on my bare ***...12 on the hands equaled 24 on my ***...

Yes always worse at home

I was paddled on the clothed rear at school but that invariably meant a bare bottomed whipping when I got home, so in many ways the school punishment, as painful and embarrassing as it was, was just a preamble to the main event.

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How did teachers use the tawse? On the hand, the arm, the bottom? In front of the class? During the assembly?

You called the pupils out to the front of the class and, with the tawse over the shoulder, invited them to hold out their hands with the command "raise and level". I usually gave two strokes - one on each hand.

How true!!! I wish I could turn the clock back to 1950/60/70 s