The Tawse In Scottish Schools To 1975

People think that the tawse is all fiction!!! Its not!!! Every teacher in Scotland had at least one tawse (belt as we called it) . They came in different lenghths, thicknesses and with either 2 or 3 tails.

THese were used evey day on someone in my class including me. Girls wer no exceptio. They were belted almost as often as the boys. These were in front of the class for everyone else to see.It was always very exciting to watch
but not so to receive!!!!!
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Beating the hands was wrong in all respects. I was caned and slippereed on the backside and although it hurt it did not affect my ability to write - only to sit

i had many times gotten the belt at home from dad but not tawse

i too know the pain of the tawse. Not many classes went by with at least one of us having tto hold out our hand for a dose. Infact you often played up delibertly to get it if you wanted to be in with the in crowd..tthat was me

I imagine!!