In this experience, I would like to tell you about today. I'm still a little sick so I did not go to school. However, I still have to study and do work at the residential areas. This is a true story. Thank you so much for reading!

First of all, I was woken up at 7:00AM and was asked to quickly change into the weekend uniform. I have explained about the uniform in much more detail in the previous post so i recommend you read it first. At 8:00AM, most of the students have gone to school. However, two of my friends were sick too so they remained with me. The room-teacher came into our room at a little over 8:00AM. The 4 of us (there is another girl who i do not know so well) stood up, with folded hands (you would probably call this 'arms crossed'), and greeted the teacher. I, unfortunately, did not fold my hand quickly. Only was I about to sit back down when I did. The teacher walked towards me. She told me to stand up. I did. She went on scolding me a bit of my disobedience. At the end, she twisted my left ear very hard and asked me to remain standing with my arms folded while all my other classmates sat down. It was a little embarrassing but not too bad. It was about 20 minutes later when the teacher told me to sit down, and start doing our work. It was Myanmar session. Never liked it much. =].

The work was all writing, copying and writing. Did I mention writing!!?? =] By the end of the session (which lasted about 1hr and 45 minutes) my hands were quite tired and my handwriting looked really bad. When I showed the work to my teacher, she pointed out that my handwriting was really bad. Well, I have no doubt about that. She gave me another hard ear twist for my sloppiness.

Almost 10:00AM. The Myanmar teacher left and we had a little bit of free time for about half an hour. It was Maths class next. I hated the Maths teacher, she was so strict and was merciless with her punishments. We greeted her and (thankfully) she seemed satisfied with our alertness. :D She went straight to the math problems and it wasn't too bad. I was not too good at Maths either. The Maths teacher said it was kind of a test and she would punish those who scored poorly on the test. She was quite demanding and she thought a poor score was below 75%. O.O! The first 10 or 20 questions were quite easily and I solved them with no difficulty. But there were about 30 questions left. Time was running out so I did it as fast as I could possibly do the problems. I finished about 40 problems (A total of 50 questions) but I thought I would get at least 4 or 5 of them wrong. The teacher marked our papers immediately. I achieved a score of 68%, well-below the poor score line. One of my closest friends scored only 66% although she was a maths genius. Maybe because she wasn't feeling too well. The maths teacher decided to punish us. She said that she would cane us. I thought she was kidding but I was proven wrong. She caned us on the back of our thighs over the school uniform. She gave me 7 strokes on each thigh and gave 9 strokes to my friend. The pinafore protected us with its thick material but it still hurts like hell!

We had lunch and were allowed to rest until about 1:30PM. It was science class. The teacher wasn't overly strict but she still used corporal punishment quite frequently. About halfway through our lessons, the principle entered our class. Unaware of the new rule, we just stood up and folded our arms. However, the rule states that we must kneel when the principle enters the room. The principle did not say anything and left. But, the science teacher was quite angry with us. She decides to punish all of us (again!). She scolded all of us for disobedience (again!) and asked all of us to line up outside the class room. All of us did not know what the teacher was up to. She came out of the room later and asked us all to kneel with our arms stretched in-front of us. She then used a really thin cane and caned us all on our palms. While caning, she frequently pulled and twisted and pinched our ears until they were red. She gave me about 5 strokes on each of my palms. We had no idea how long this punishment would last.

An hour pasted and we were all sweaty. About 1hr and 30mins from the start of the punishment, the teacher returned with her cane and caned on our palms again. This time harder. She gave a scolding at the same time.

That was the last lesson of the day. I hope to writing more experiences soon. THIS IS A TRUE STORY. Thank you
hopetolive2000 hopetolive2000
16-17, F
Aug 29, 2014