My Family Needs Help - Very Exhausted - Please Read

I really don't ask for help, but my family and I are about SUNK. It all started when we bought our new house in 2005, about five weeks later the sellers did not disclose many of the issues that we are going through at this time. First of all the garage was infested with MOLD. We had to hire a company to gut out the garage and get rid of the MOLD. Then we found more MOLD in our kitchen behind the wall paper and plus the downstairs bathroom had a little mold. The bathroom downstairs had the mold because there were water leaks coming from the upstairs bathroom. We had a Master Plumber check it out and he said their was a water leak coming from the pipe located under the tub. It is so bad, that he started to ignore us so we don't ask him anymore. Another huge problem we observed was that the sellers put wood panel over the basement walls to hide the stair step cracks that were on the basement wall (cement). We ripped off all the panels and found that there were cracks everywhere that we did not see. We hired a water proof company to come out and fix the basement. They did all they can and they came out twice. They put a drainage outside next to the basement walls and put in a new sump pump. We thought everything was going good until I went downstairs and seen more cracks in the wall and MOLD was starting to appear. We were about approximately 50,000 in debt; however, my wife took out her retirement and we were able to pay off a little of the debt. Our hands are tied we have exhausted all of our funds in this house. I been working overtime like crazy, but we can barely keep afloat. I have two young sons, one being a 6 yr old and the other 8 months. We think with all the MOLD issues throughout the years, it has affected our 6 yr old. He has been sick all of his young life (mainly of respiratory issues). We came to the conclusion that we must walk in that leave the house. Both of our families are behind us and they think we should of left years ago. At first it was my pride of trying to save everything but my wife and I are too exhausted. We called an attorney and I think we are going to go through the process of Foreclosure and Bankruptcy. We always had good credit, but now it is really going to take a hit. I guess what I am trying to say is that we really need a break. I have always gave when people needed help, but now since all this has happen I am very much in the need. Please if there is someone out there to help it would be most appreciated from all of us.

Thank you for reading

biniwop biniwop
41-45, M
Jul 14, 2010