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While at work I was outside helping my guys get cars moved. I pulled up to the office to let them out and my receptionist walks out the door with her hands completely full! She had a beautiful vase of flowers, a stuffed animal and three adorable balloons and all for me!

So why... well a few months ago I was reunited with a cousin that I was once bff's with. Pretty much from birth we were best buds but when divorce hit both sides we were pulled apart. Needless to say I'd remained in contact with her siblings but because she was younger it was hard. I only heard stories about the tragedies that she lived through including the loss of a child. Well as I was checking up on her one day she seemed a bit sad and I emailed her daughter for her office address to cheer her up. She's all the way in the middle of the US so flowers and a small 'I love you' statue was the next best thing. She was shocked and happy and sad all in one. Last night we were joking about me showing up at her house to surprise her and she said that she might do the same for me... Well it wasn't her but it certainly cheered me up and I'm so happy to have her back in my life.

sometimes the smallest things bring the biggest smiles...
mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
36-40, F
Jul 13, 2010