My First Disciplinary Punishment

Beware This a rather long story and one I will try to avoid in the future. I am still very sore, battered and bruised. To the story...


This is the moment I have been fearing and dreading for almost a week; my tormentor, the one who would deliver my punishment. Today’s punishment was the most severe I have yet received .... and will be remembered for quite sometime.

When we arrived in her room, my Mistress had laid out the” instruments of torture” and she detailed what she expected from me .I was to address her as “Mistress” or “ma’am” and to keep my eyes downcast. She was cool and professional as she read out the punishment – hand smacking to ”warm” me up, paddling times 2, wooden spoon handle(ouch), strap and belt for my most serious offences.

She immediately told me to drop may pants and underwear, put them over another chair neatly,  and get over her knee. “Yes ma’am” and did so.

She started off with a few light pats and then laid into my backside. If this was just a warm up I was dreading what lay ahead. She went everywhere, each hit with a loud SMACK and me holding my tongue. Some were rapid and then some would slow a little. My backside was slowly burning . She thoroughly hit all over my backside, thighs inner and outer and even hips. She seemed to be measuring each hit for effect and talking to me almost constantly. After maybe ten minutes, she paused, reached for a paddle and continued, some rapid fire, some slow, some harder than others. The harder ones caused me to grunt. Slowly, ever so slowly my responses were becoming more frequent as my strength weakened. After a number of strokes where I was responding to each she stopped.

She told me to get up and stand in the corner. I was forbidden to touch my backside.

She then ordered me to the bench where she fastened my wrists. This scared me a little. She positioned me and began with a leather paddle to re awaken the pain in my backside, making sure that my seat got that little bit of extra attention. Again, I sensed that she measured each stroke from my response. I cringed as I could hear the paddle whistling WHACK! Ouch. I didn’t take to long to elicit from me a response for each stroke again making sure the she covered my backside, inner and outer upper thighs. I was try to keep a running total of how many time she struck me in an attempt to get my mind off the pain in my posterior. After a while she swapped sides and hand and continued ensuring that I got an “all over spank”. During this again she constantly talked to me, telling me the offences that I’d committed and making me respond with a “yes ma’am” whenever she asked me did I deserve this punishment. I was again becoming somewhat desperate and on the verge of screaming when she stopped.

She released my bonds and told me stand in the corner once more and again forbidden to touch my backside which really needed some rubbing and took all my will power not to. She left me here a little longer than she had previously.

Once again I was ordered to the bench where again my wrists were cuffed. I wasn’t sure what to expect next and felt a couple of sharp hand smacks making me jump. “Hold still!!” “Yes ma’am” and I tried to stop moving away from her hand. She paused briefly and the next blow to my sore tush was the handle of the wooden spoon. This brought back unpleasant memories of my childhood as I was often spanked with the wooden spoon. She expertly aimed her strokes and each one stung something bad. She was narrowing her blows to the “sit down” area of my rear, each blow making me grunt. I was careful not to swear as this would give me extra strap or belt strokes .It wasn’t long before she had me howling “OUCH”, “AAHH’, and I was still promised the strap and belt. Before she had finished, she had covered my entire rear and it stung like crazy. She constantly talked to me pausing only to give another well aimed stroke. She could sense that I was about spent as my cries had reduced in volume and fervour. She rubbed my backside ... thank god then gave me one final whack. I sank spent onto the bench trying to gather myself back together and my backside stinging badly.

I was released and this time was still required to stand in the corner however I was given a small glass of water.

With downcast eyes, I was ordered to lean over a wooden horse that was bolted to the floor. She adjusted it so that my backside was high in the air, cuffed my hands to it and put a strap across my waist.

She said “ I am going to give you 60 strokes. What do you think?”  

Privately I thought OMG and replied “30 please ma’am”

“Fifty five “was her response.

“45 please ma’am”

“No you will get fifty but I will pause half way through. You will count out each one and say ‘Thank you ma’am” So I prepared myself . She hit me lightly a couple of times to gauge my response and then said “Start counting” Whack “One thank you ma’am” Whack “Two thank you ma’am” Whack. “Oww three thank you ma’am” My owws,  ouches  and other sounds increased in volume as she continued and I almost missed the count a couple of times. I was reminded that failure to count would require starting back at one again. She reached 25 and as promised she paused allowing me to catch my breath before recommencing and onto fifty.

She constantly monitored my responses and each stroke was a measured one. By this time I was almost ready to call it a day.

I was tired and extremely sore. I remained bound over the horse as she lined me up with the belt. “I will only give you 21 in groups of three, once on each cheek and once across both this time and you will count each one. At the conclusion you will thank me for your punishment” “Yes ma’am” She whacked me lightly a couple of times “Count” Whack “One” whack ”two” whack “Three” A variety of cries and moans also punctuated each stroke some harder some not quite so hard. About 15 I was getting close to my dry eyed tolerance and started to sob. “You haven’t got many to go” Whack how l”sixteen”. Whack howl ”Seventeen”.....and finally extreme WHACK!! Extreme howl! “Twenty one. Thank you ma’am”I barely managed to get out.

That last one nearly sent me into orbit, my vision went funny and thought I saw sparks or maybe it was stars. I don’t know.

I was crying hard now and she quickly released me then held me close. She started making soothing noises and soft words as I clung on to her, a total wreck. Her demeanour had totally changed to a very caring person.

Once my crying and sobbing had ceased she said to me “I am very proud of you. You took all of your punishment which you did deserve, but the slate is now clear”

I dressed and we sat (or at least I tried). She gave me a soft cushion to sit on and we talked for a while.

I drove home (somehow) and immediately collapsed on my bed (on my stomach). Thus ended my very first punishment spanking and it was hell. I had spent more than 4 seemed an eternity.  



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4 Responses Nov 28, 2009

Yes JB; That is you and it is me and the others that feel the same as us. We cannot and will not change!<br />
This is a site where we can share our Similar experiences, and it's not a place other to try to cure or convert us.

very well said EOS

I am starting to realize how lucky I was with my first punishment. I don't think I could have handled all of that. I am very proud of you and in awe!!

Sounds like a scene from my "Pro Domme" days...I was harsh but fair. Good pet!