What A Week!

I learned this week that my step-son and his wife are expecting their first baby! Hip, hip...  Hooray!

They've been married for a couple of years and have been trying to start their family so congratulations to them. Understandably, my wife is floating on a cloud at the moment! We have two grandsons and I feel that this time, may be welcoming our first grand daughter. (I see them with two girls actually!)

Fifteen minutes after receiving the phone call a friend rang to say that a drama group want to perform one of my plays so it was a truly great evening.

If only I'd bought a lottery ticket too?!

EnglishMuffin EnglishMuffin
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3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

The play ran for a week last year and sold out; the new baby is due next month and I'm working on a new sc<x>ript for this coming February as we speak. One year later and life is still sweet!

That is all wonderful news! Congratulations!

It is a comedy set towards the end of the second world war. Our country has many amateur theatre groups so news spreads quickly when a new work appears. Many companies want to be the first to perform new scripts - but as I write for a local group, we have been the first for the past five years!