I stopped at my in laws house the other day when my mother in law told me she had a gift for me. As it wasn't my birthday I was confused to why she was giving me a gift. She asked me to come inside and she gave me a package wrapped in pink wrapping paper. I opened the gift and to my shock it was a pink satin babydoll nightie with matching ruffled panties. I asked her why she bought this for me as I am a guy. She told me she knew my little secret and wanted me to have my own so I would leave her things alone.
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So nice of her,did you put them on straightaway and model them to her.


WOW just WOW

Just how it should be! Women Need to continue to Encourage Male Femininity!!!

You are so lucky!

What a lovely gesture!

That had to be unnerving! But what a thoughtful gesture, rather than telling you to stay out of her things.
She didn't ask you to model your new babydoll nightie, did she?

She did, she made me try it on in front of her. Told me she would tell everyone my secret if I didn't. Very humiliating but arousing at the same time.

Wow! She must have been excited at the thought of seeing you in your new nightie. Did she tell her daughter all about this? Will she be inviting you back sometime to model?

My wife already knows I dress, but no she didn't tell her. She does make me show her that I am wearing panties whenever she sees me though.

What did you say to that?

I tried to deny that I had been wearing her things, but she saw right through me.

how lucky you are

Wow, I have worn my mother in law's used nice lace panties that she has given my wife. My wife knows at accepts that I wear panties. My MIL is a hot 70 year old and I would *** in my panties if she gave me a personal gift of panties.

aw, how nice of her.