Don't Really Want Anyone Else

So me and my Ex has been dating for 3 years and have had one major break up where he moved out and got his own
apartmant after he decided that he did not want to get married. So I insisted that we should try to move on with our lives
since he was not ready for marriage. So we broke off the first engagement. Well he finally moved out last summer and we were together all the time and well after 2 months he nroke his lease and moved back in after ofcourse he realized again that I was the one and he didnt want to live another day without me. Then we went ring shopping and decided since we were already engaged once before for 6 months that we just go and elope. Well we got the marriage license and some how again he decided that he was not quite ready....Well dumb and stupid on my part huh...I told him once again that I felt uncomfortable with living together and not being married so he decided to move but never left untill about 2 months ago well in the mean time we are still acting as though everyhting is the same nothing has really changed either i over his house or he is over mine..And 3 days ago Saturday I told him that we need no communication to try to move on with each other own individual lives because during a phon conversation I found out that he has had women over but according to him he has not had sex with them. I have asked hime once before about having anyone over and he said no, but now he feels that its OK, since he thinks I have had someone over...that's when I decided to break all communication off..but I really miss him....
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1 Response Jul 28, 2010

Hang in there.. I know what you are going through. It will take some time for you to make the ulimate desision to move on without him. when u decide to do that, the real work starts with living your life without him, and the thoughts of him will keep popping back into your mind and heart. It will take some time, and will be painful, but you will move on. good luck.