"Time" Persistance Pays

     First of all, i am finding that sharing an experience is an experience in itself, i just wanted to share an experience of "time" and the persuit of happiness, my story goes back to thirty years ago, i had moved in as a roommate with a gal looking for someone to help pay the rent, we never went any further than being friends which was alright with both of us, we both had different things we liked and did but was able to coexist and get along just fine, of all the  things we shared with each other, there was one thing she shared with me that i really enjoyed, it was a record album of music that was quite different from what i was used to listening to, here she said, you have to listen to this and tell me what you think, so i listened to it, and with the aid of another gal better known as "maryjane" i layed back in my bed and drifted off as the music sent me into a melencholy state, as each song played i was digging it more and more, i listened to that album many times after that never getting tired of even one song on the whole album, well, as you have all heard, there is a saying that all good things come to an end and yes there came a day when we parted ways and i never saw her again or that record album, as years went by i often thought of that music and longed to hear it again but, for some  strange reason something always stood in my way and it got past me, then i couldn't remember what the songs were or how it really sounded but , i did know that i really enjoyed that music and that some day i hope to hear it again, i knew the composer and kept a search going but, year after year went by and nobody could help me find this album, now mind you i didn't make this a really high priority on my list of things to do but, i never got it out of my head that i needed to hear this music agian and will continue my search no matter how long it takes, well guess what, my persistance finally paid off, after thirty years of looking i have found this album and i am just as thrilled today as i was thirty years ago listening to it even without the help of "maryjane", i know you all must be wondering what this music was and by who, so i won't leave you all hanging because good things should be shared, the music is smooth jazz, and for those that may not be into that kind of music, i say try it, the album is called "listen to the city" by "Tim Weisberg", now the story isen't really about the music although i encorage anybody to listen to it if they get a chance but, i proved to myself that if i want something bad enough and it is worth going after, then do it, no matter how much time it takes, just do it, the only thing i wish is that some things wouldn't take so long, but i do know now that if i had quit looking, i surley would not have found it, i just recieved this album last week, thirty years later, i am a happy man today.
MrKnome MrKnome
56-60, M
Mar 12, 2007