Pretty Messed Up

Maybe its just me but i dont think i could ever tell my child that i dis own them. My mom has been pissed this last month becouse ive been trying to get along with my real dad who hasnt been in my life. She has basicaly brain washed her kids into telling us that hes such a horrible person. I have always had this animosity toward him becouse i grew up without a real dad. I had my step day but its not always the same. She is a real jealous person to top it all off. I know the other reason shes mad is becouse she doesnt want to share my daughter with anyone. Its always got to be about her. Well she officially dis owned me two nights ago . She said we arent part of the family any more , im not her son and she dis owns me. My daughters first b-day is coming up fri and shes not even going to show up to that. The last time that i had talked to her she said that SHE was the only one that could be " grandma" I just cant beleive her.

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Exactly! I couldnt agree more but shes to into how shes feeling to know that

Hey thanks alot. Ive been sticking to it this time. I hope it works out to , thank you :)

I really appreciate that. I agree completly. I wish she would just act normal, its such an inconvenience. Like i told her, I just want to get along with everyone. But yes, thank you.

Your child will be better off not having such a control freak in her life.<br />
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My sympathies...very hard for you

Ha, I must say that it sounds like you know her :) You have her down to a Tee, thats for sure. Shes been nothing but problem this last year( basically since my daughter was born.) She stole christmas away from us with our daughter. Everything is about her. When you try to explain something to her in the nicest way( even though she doesnt deserve it ) she turns it all around with the whole Poor me poor me. Nothing is ever her fault. She just has issues that i dont think she will ever work out. She has done alot for us and we GREATLY appreciate it but i think she feels she has bought her way into anything she wants.Its her way or no way. Shes so selfish. The world revolves around her. I love her but im just so tired of walking on eggshells.

My MIL dis-owned my family for almost three years....It was so nice and peaceful....So I do understand just where you are comming from.....I know that it will be hard....But you have to stick to your guns on this one....Write her a letter and tell her...>That no one will ever replace her in your daughters life....But you daughter has the ability to have more people in her life...And that you are wanting to give your fatehr a chance to be a part of your family...Does not mean that your mother must be there at the time...But you want this...amd until you decide that it is not a good thing...That is the way that it is doing to be......How she handles it is up to her.....And that you are sorry that she will miss the most important days in your daughters life....For I am Nana...and the early days are truely the most important...That is when they do the cutest...and most fun things....<br />
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I am sorry that she must be like this.....But you will have to put your food down on this one....Or you will not be the one that is head of the family.....She will think that she is...And she will always hold it over your head...And that is not a good way to have a family

Being dis-owned was the best thing that ever happened to me! =P

Yes ! Your definatly right about that. I dont understand why people cant just be normal. Sometimes i feel like im the only normal person in the world.... but if that were the case i think i would be the weirdo becouse then i wouldnt be the norm. deep thoughts from defton :)

Thank you. Its no big deal , ive basicaly become numb to her crap anymore. Its become a weekly thing for her to be mad at anything so im just like whatever. I dont care anymore.Not to mention the prozac kinda numbs my emotions.. as martha stewert would say.." its a good thing" :)