Lofty Goal....or a Pipe Dream

I saw this site here....and thought to myself......Awwww to be dis-owned by my MIL......What a great thing...

I was dis-owned by her for almost three years....and it was the most peaceful three years in my life......But my daughter foreced her to kissw and make nice with us......I really wish that she had not done that......And now I am looking forward to the day that I can tell her to go and take a long walk....Off of a very short bridge....


I ask you...Is this a lofty goal....Or is it just my pipe dream?????

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hehehehehe....take a look at the date on the last two comments......Exactly one year the minute....<br />
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How funny

though it is sad ,be patient

I was that way with his mother at one time.....But then something changed....We had to live together.....I defend him to her...and she does not like that....

My partner's Mom one of the best ppl in my life,I was blessed she is so big hearted..we are the 3 musketeers go everyplace travels,shopping u name it the BEST!!

I have lived with my Mother in law for three years and for that I am grateful to her....But I have pulled my weight. I have bought the food.....taken care of her stinky dogs.....cared for her when she had open heart surgery...and paid all of her and our bills when she could not.....and made ssure that she took her meds.......All with out even so much as a thank you from her kids....that stood by and did nothing...<br />
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But what do I get from all of this....I get called White trash....and the way that I was raised....(to care for our parents...) Hill Billy where I would not really tell her to take a long walk off a very short bridge.....I do look forward to walking out the door for the last time....

You have issues. It's a shame that you feel that way. Some children lost their mothers and good or bad surely wish they'd had one. It's when good parents are not appreciated and bad parents are not tolerated that children end up malicious minded and hateful. I am by no means close to my mother. She's caused a great deal of hurt for all of us but we don't wish her ill and certainly don't wish an early death for her. We stand by her and support her. She gave us life and she didn't have to. You wouldn't have YOUR daughter if your mother hadn't had you. Think about that before you say the things that you do.