Sometimes Love Isn't There When You Think It Is.

Well my story is that me and this guy called daniel at the start of 2010 were really good friends and then we started getting closer lie talking more and everything we would see each other we would say hi or hug (reminding you I'm only 13). But one day i was starting to get my first doubts on if i liked him or not and that so happened to be the day he asked me out. After no thinking at all i said no, thinking that I wouldn't feel anything but the next day i i felt it, i felt so bad, e acted like nothing had happened. A month later i asked if he still had feelings for me he said yes, 2 months later i asked if he still had feelings for me he said yes, 3 months: yes, 4 months: yes, 5 months: yes, at 6 months i stopped asking, i got my friend to ask him at 7 months he said sort of. I finally asked him out and guess what, he shut me down cause i shut him down(in my thoughts that is). 
A couple of months later i asked how he was going and stuff cause we weren't really talking in school anymore, he said he was good and he'd moved on and had now got a girls friend, and it turned out they had been going our for 7 months. I literally felt my heart sink it hurt so much, that he would just keep saying he liked me just to get my hopes up then shut me down then tell me like the worst thing that he could of said. 
I thought i had moved on and i could have got over him but i still like him and i feel as if i always will seeing as its 2011 now!
Why do i feel this way?
alexandra96 alexandra96
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1 Response Jan 28, 2011

Your so young at your age you have the world in you hands, There will be alot of crazy feelings , when you think everything is so hurtful, it will go away soon time heals the heart. And your feelings are more of being rejected,no one ever like to be dumped, you always want to be the one to reject . dont worry about this guy move on!!! remember he did!!! take care nette