Should I Give Up Now?

i try to make the story short!

we met at night out with common frens,throuhghout the night we both enjoyed each others company,he tell me a lot of things about himself,we talked about our views in life and everything  including hes present relationship,which he claimed that its complicated.....before we apart he asked for my number and texted me then till now...though we dont text each other  often only like goodmorning (my name) ,dnt skip meals etc. things like that straight and short.!! then there was one night where he open up hes problem (through text)regarding family, hes pains,disappointments,mistakes etc....i gave him advice and so on...but beefore he open that up with me, in the middle of our conversation he said that hes looking at the moon and it is so beautiful just like me. kinda like that, my reply was "ur crazy" he said "yes very crazy of you" and so and so..i ddint take it seriously though i swear to death im gonna die that moment ... he thought i was mad because of my replies.

okay so my problem is im in love with him,and that is one thing im sure about it all started the night we met hes sweetness and the way he cares for me made me fall for him.that night  it was so beautiful,its such a wonderful feeeling cant think of a right word to describe what i felt that night it was just so perfect..but then the  cold harsh  truth is  i know and sure as well that hes in love with hes girlfrnd.....

..i wonder why he just seaRched  for my facebook yet didnt add me i wonder why he was so sweet to me the night we met whcih im pretty sure he likes me yet didnt pursue to win me.and .i wonder why he dont text me that often like What an interested guy do to a girl he likes...(anyway i remeber i told him the reason i broke up with my bf was he kept on texting me,and i fnd it annoying!)

please ep people help,im really confuse!thanks!iwll appreciate any advice

and bdw its 2 weeks now since we met!
lovepillow lovepillow
18-21, F
Oct 29, 2011