Unfaithfullness Hurts

After being in a long term relationship my boyfriend ran into a woman he dated or liked many years ago and started a relationship with her. My self esteem was instantly lowered, I was deeply hurt and too embarrassed to share my pain and disappointment with anyone. I believe it was my pride and not my love for him that made me remain with him throughout this ordeal. We acted like she did not exist, because she lives in another State. He stopped seeing  her and  give me his undivided attention, but I felt that was not enough so I visited her and shared with her that during the entire time she and he were messing around I was ever present. He got highly annoyed, she told me she could have him back to prove a point. I had enough so I stepped aside, and he returned to pursue the relationship with here.  She initially after getting back with him expressed her concern about he and I living so close and she much further.  She was correct, because we continued to see each other. She would have a fit if she found that out. I started to rebuild my self esteem is getting to the point of asking him to completely cut all ties with me. He presently calls me all the time for us to be  (.........) I am worth more than that. He shows up at my house constantly telling me how he still loves, but can not TRUST me because of what I did. Confronted her behind his back and belittle him. (told the truth)  I feel so much better by such sharing this although it still hurts. I believe the support her will do the rest. Thanks Guys. 
Candie Candie
46-50, F
3 Responses Jun 9, 2007

Wow that was actually very "strong" of you. I think you needed that to happen. In order for you to start building your self esteem, to renew yourself. Congrats! Good Luck and I'm so sure your future is off to a great start.

Thanks critterbug. It is amazing to see how we try to hold on to things that are not healthy for us and in the meantime letting good opportunities disappear.

I understand what you did and it was for the best. Honesty is the best. I have been in that situation myself and wound up losing the man I loved for being honest with the other woman. Do you know, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I am stronger now then I have ever been. It was sad at first, but once the initial sadness was over and I told him to go away..... I was the better for it. And you will be too.